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2011 Undergraduate Commencement Speaker

Darcie Guilbert, Communications, class 2011 and MCM, class December 2011 has just won the competition to be the undergraduate commencement student speaker. She was selected from among 15 who tried out in front of a panel of judges including the Dean for Student Life, the registrar, the CAS Dean and both the class president and vice president. When asked if she was nervous about this role, she replied "not at all, I love public speaking. I'm thrilled." She wouldn't reveal her topic for the tryout as it is the same one she will use for the real event.

The rules for trying out stated: "You will be judged on timing, content and delivery." Her selection shouldn't surprise those in the Communications Department; but her family shouldn't be surprised either.

When asked "How did you learn to do it so well?" the answer was as modest as she always is in person.
"You know, I'm not sure! I've enjoyed it since I was a young girl and I'd always practice with my dad. He's a phenomenal public speaker. He'd give me advice and we'd practice again and again. Ultimately, he taught me to love it. I remember him saying, 'If you do what you love, then you'll be good at it.'"

And When Guilbert was asked "why you like public speaking?" she replied:
I don't just like public speaking, I love it. Public speaking is a chance to SHOW the audience why they're watching and listening, instead of them reading the information independently. With that said, delivery can make or break a speech, and in a strange way, I like that pressure. I like being responsible for making the words on the page come to life.

Posted by Gabriela Cordeiro Antunes on May 3, 2011 12:53 PM

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