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Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Conference 2010

0IBSLgr.jpgOn Saturday, Oct. 9, the Communications Department at Simmons College will again host the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) East Coast Radio and Webcasting Conference. The 7th Annual East Coast Radio/Webcast Conference runs from 9:00 - 5:00 and features more than 20 workshops and seminars on media skills and issues.

The Communications department is excited that this year our faculty will give a presentation on an excited new virtual student abroad radio course. We live in a Global society. More and more, the world is being tied together through international commerce, trade, communications systems that span the globe in an instant and increased social contact between societies.

Simmons College, in partnership with African University College of Communications in Accra, Ghana, is developing a unique and exciting new educational experience -Virtual Study Abroad. Globalization On a Shoestring will show you how colleges and high schools can develop new cross-cultural educational opportunities through the use of today's new and emerging technologies. Join Simmons Professor Jim Corcoran and Course Professor Len Mailloux to see how you can turn your current technology system into a classroom that reaches the world.

Another anticipated seminar is the Women in Media Roundtable discussion. Only a generation ago, the number of women working in the broadcast media was very small. To the benefit of the industry and the audience, women are now involved in every aspect of media from top management to the trenches. Join Mary Cardaras,veteran CNN Producer and now chair of the Digital Media department at The New England Institute of Art, Liz Solar,veteran Boston broadcast personality and national voice-over talent and Comm Department Alum, Courtney Strakosch, Sales/Promotions, WHCN/WPOP, Hartford, for a discussion on the opportunities,problems and the future of women in the broadcast world!

backpackjournalism_new_york.jpgThe conference will also feature a session on Backpack Journalism. The world of Journalism is changing at lightning speed. The way we gather and transmit information has been reinvented in the digital age and now the traditional roles of journalism are being challenged by eager, new backpackers who are changing the face of news gathering and reporting. Join Independent Film Producer and Webcaster Mark Wood as you take to the streets of Boston to shoot, edit and post a short video. This session is limited to the first 15 people. Sign up at Registration.

For more information on sessions, see the program schedule:

This is the 3rd year in a row that Simmons has hosted this event. Last year, more than 250 student, faculty and media professionals took part. The IBS East Coast Radio and Webcasting Conference is free for all Simmons students and faculty. Students from other schools may also register online. Come on by to learn about the ever-changing world of media from the experts.

Registration information is available here:


Posted by Deirdre Yee on September 9, 2010 12:07 PM