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Hi Everyone,

Like the beginning of any classic Mr. Bill episode, you may be exclaiming "OH NO!" Not chemistry! While chemistry in our society has garnered a somewhat tarnished image and the reputation of the dreaded Organic Chemistry course precedes itself, I hope to change your mind through weekly blogs about fun, innovative and even 'green' topics within our 'wonderful world of chemistry.'

You may wonder, what green and chemistry could possibly have in common? Well, there is a rapidly developing movement with the world whose goal is to develop products and processes that are 'benign for human health and the environment.' This movement collectively termed "Green Chemistry" is changing the face of chemistry and the world around you.

Products of the green chemistry movement are already right under your nose! From common household cleaners and cold beverage containers made from corn, to furniture and homes constructed without formaldehyde glues or resins. Each and every innovative item helping us maintain our quality of life while striving to be more benign for human health and the environment.

As one of the founding members of the Green Chemistry Education Network, I work to spread the word in educational arenas across the globe. As a research scientist, I involve students directly within Green Chemistry research at Simmons College. Stay tuned next week for a look into a research project that our students have championed over the past two and a half years at Simmons involving the newest greener polymer on the commercial market, poly lactic acid.

The next time you grab an iced coffee, check your cup for the "Natureworks, PLA," or "Greenware" logos.

For learn more about the company involved in creating PLA, see:

See you next week!

Take care,

Be Green!


PS: No trees were harmed in the posting of this blog entry, although countless electrons were seriously inconvenienced.

Posted by Rich Gurney on September 7, 2009 3:08 PM