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The department's offerings are designed to help students develop an understanding of the scope, the methods of inquiry, and the specialties of biology, as well as an appreciation of modern biological trends. Undergraduate preparation in biology may lead to career opportunities in government, university, hospital, and commercial laboratories in areas such as animal and plant physiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, micro biology, immunology, ecology, and biotechnology. The curriculum also prepares students for graduate study in biology and in such areas as allied health careers, medicine, dentistry, veterinary science,and genetic engineering.

Cooperation with other departments in the College provides opportunities for joint programs, such as majors in biochemistry, neuroscience and behavior, public health, exercise science, and environmental science. Certification for teaching biology at the middle school and secondary school levels is possible by enrollment in the Department of Education. An accelerated five-year BS Biology or Exercise Science/MS Nutrition program is jointly offered by the biology department and the nutrition department in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences.