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Charlotte Russell

Charlotte Russell

Charlotte Russell

Charlotte Russell
Senior Lecturer
Science Center, S215


BmedSci (Honors in Cellular and Molecular Pathology), 1999
University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine, 2002
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom


Having been educated in a clinical environment and coming from a Nursing family, I have a deep appreciation of the need to understand the workings of all the body's systems, both individually and together to maintain health and treat illness. I believe that students should start to think like clinicians, and so enfuse my teachings with clinical applications and examples, and am focused on students gaining the skills required to apply their knowledge effectively both in and out of the clinic. By encouraging the students to consider the workings of their own bodies during illness and any experiences they have had with illness in others, I aim to provide not only a context for learning, but to also enable the students to empathize with their patients - making them more proficient clinicans.

Teaching Areas & Topics

  • BIOL231/232 Anatomy and Physiology