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The following is a list of courses currently listed within the Biology Curriculum. To view more information, please click on a course's title. You may also sort this list by course name, course number, credit hours, or type. Please note that all courses numbered 400 and above are graduate level courses.

Please note

This course information is derived from the Online Course Catalog, which is under development. The information may not be accurate and is provided only as a convenience. Please consult the print or PDF version of the Course Catalog for all official course information.

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 56 Courses
Public Health Seminar PH-347 4.00 Lecture
Seminar in Neuroscience NB-347 4.00 Lecture
Internship BIOL-370 4.00 INT
Kinesiology Lab BIOL-362L 0.00 Lecture
Kinesiology BIOL-362 4.00 Lecture
Thesis BIOL-355 4.00 INS
Independent Lab Research BIOL-350 4.00 INS
Directed Study BIOL-349 4.00 DIR
Human Development and Genetics BIOL-347 4.00 Lecture
Epidemiology & Infect. Disease BIOL-346 4.00 Lecture
Behavioral Biology BIOL-342 4.00 Lecture
Food, Water & Waste Lab BIOL-341L 0.00 Lecture
Micro of Food, Water & Waste BIOL-341 4.00 Lecture
Plant Biology Lab BIOL-340L 0.00 LAB
Plant Biology BIOL-340 4.00 Lecture
S.N. Mtns. Program Costs BIOL-339T 0.00 Lecture
TC: Sierra Nevada Mtns. CA BIOL-339M 4.00 Lecture
Microbial Pathogenesis BIOL-338 4.00 Lecture
Molecular Biology Lab BIOL-337L 0.00 LAB
Molecular Biology BIOL-337 4.00 Lecture
Genetics Lab BIOL-336L 0.00 LAB
Genetics BIOL-336 4.00 Lecture
Developmental Biology Lab BIOL-335L 0.00 LAB
Developmental Biol BIOL-335 4.00 Lecture
Neurobiology Lab BIOL-334L 0.00 LAB
Neurobiology BIOL-334 4.00 Lecture
Marine Biology Lab BIOL-333L 0.00 LAB
Marine Biology BIOL-333 4.00 Lecture
Exercise Physiology Lab BIOL-332L 0.00 LAB
Exercise Physiology BIOL-332 4.00 Lecture
Immunobiology BIOL-331 4.00 Lecture
Found. of Exer & Health Lab BIOL-246L 0.00 LAB
Foundations of Exer & Health BIOL-246 4.00 Lecture
Princ. of Ecology BIOL-245 4.00 Lecture
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab BIOL-232L 0.00 LAB
Anatomy & Physiology II BIOL-232 4.00 Lecture
Anatomy and Physiology Lab BIOL-231L 0.00 LAB
Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL-231 4.00 Lecture
Cell Biology Lab BIOL-225L 0.00 LAB
Cell Biology BIOL-225 4.00 Lecture
Animal Physiology Lab BIOL-222L 0.00 LAB
Animal Physiology BIOL-222 4.00 Lecture
Microbiology Lab BIOL-221L 0.00 LAB
Microbiology BIOL-221 4.00 Lecture
Principles of Zoology Lab BIOL-218L 0.00 LAB
Principles of Zoology BIOL-218 4.00 Lecture
Principles of Microbiology BIOL-123N 4.00 Lecture
Principles of Microbiology Lab BIOL-123L 0.00 LAB
General Biology Lab BIOL-113L 0.00 LAB
General Biology BIOL-113 4.00 Lecture
Biology of Women Lab BIOL-109L 0.00 LAB
Biology of Women BIOL-109 4.00 Lecture
Intro to Environmental Science BIOL-104 4.00 Lecture
Great Disc. in Science Lab BIOL-103L 0.00 LAB
Great Discoveries in Science BIOL-103 4.00 Lecture
Biology of Human Development BIOL-102 4.00 Lecture

This information was taken from the Simmons College Registrar. Please report any errors or corrections to