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Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) was established to allow for better allocation of Technology resources to support academic and administrative departments in managing technology related projects. Under this process, all technology project requests will require approval from President Drinan's Operating Committee and the timing of the project approvals will be linked to the budget cycle.

Projects that have any of the following characteristics must follow the new guidelines:

  • Hardware or software purchase in excess of $5,000 or any technology purchase that would require agreeing to a contract (including online agreement to T&Cs)
  • ANY Simmons data that is sent to a third party
  • Requires more than 30 hours of Technology staff time to assist with project activities such as: requirements, development, testing, configuration, implementation or ongoing maintenance
  • Requires integration/interfaces or other communication with existing systems — or has anticipated future communication with Simmons's systems (including single sign-on integration)
  • Requires custom extracts from existing systems

To read the full guidelines for submitting technology projects, please click here or contact Deborah Wahlen ( or x2061).