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Your passwords protect all of the information on your computer, your websites, your credit cards, and your bank. If someone guesses or steals your passwords, he or she has access to your files, your e-mail, and your funds. What is more, this information can lead the intruder to personal information about your friends, your family, and other people at Simmons.

Safeguard yourself and the people around you by creating strong passwords.


To set or change your password


Beware of disclosing your password

Never tell your password to hackers claiming to be an employee of your bank who may call asking for personal information in order to gain access to your account. Other "phishing" scammers may send e-mails imploring you to verify your account information by clicking on a link to a phony website. Read more about Phishing.


Prevent unauthorized access to your data

The information on your computer is like your wallet: don't leave it unattended, and most importantly, log off before you leave.

See additional suggestions for safe computing.