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Public Folders

The public drives are accessible by anyone on campus and are generally used to transfer files.

Public (P:)

Everyone at Simmons can access Public. While students can read files on Public, they cannot change or delete files stored there.  How to access the P: drive

StudentData (N:)

StudentData is intended for students' use, but staff and faculty may also use it. Note that information older than 10 days is deleted from StudentData. It is not intended for long-term storage or backup.  How to access the N: drive

Please be careful!

  1. These drives are accessible by anyone, so do not place confidential files on these drives.
  2. These drives are not backed up. Since most users have the ability to remove files from the public drives, do not place any files on them for which you do not have a backup stored elsewhere.

For questions about using the file servers, review the available Instructions and FAQs or contact the Service Desk.

File Servers:


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