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Charges for tuition, College fees, campus housing and any prior balance must be paid in full each semester before a student may attend class. A student's enrollment is complete and official when the student has submitted registration forms and has settled all charges with the Office of Student Financial Services.

Students must ensure that all financial obligations (including tuition, health insurance, housing charges, and other fees) will be met by the following dates:

Term Deadline
Summer 2014 As billed, i.e., late April to early May, depending on your program

Late Fees and Penalties

Payments received at the College after the due date on the billing statement are subject to late payment fees. A $100 late fee will be assessed if the balance has not been paid in full by the first day of classes for that semester.

Student accounts must be paid in full before a student may attend class. Students who do not settle their accounts prior to the first day of classes may have their schedules cancelled and will have to select courses on a space-available basis.

Any account that is severely delinquent may be referred to a collection agency or lawyer for collection. Any expenses incurred by the College in doing so will be added to the due balance.

Simmons College reserves the right to suspend any or all of its privileges and services to students who have not met their financial obligations to the College. Such services include the release of academic transcripts, grades, references, and placement materials, as well as access to various campus offices and facilities. Please note that Simmons has no deferred-payment plans. All College charges are payable by the applicable due dates, or the late payment fees will be applied.


If you have any questions about payment options or your account, please contact the Student Accounts office:

Phone: 617-521-2001
Fax: 617-521-3195

You can find a full listing of the Student Financial Services staff through the Online Directory