Before You Arrive

There are many things that you can do before you arrive at Simmons, which will make your transition as smooth as possible.

Submit your Entrance Health Certificate
Submit your Entrance Health Certificate, including your immunization records, as soon as you can. Having your immunization records on file at the College is required by state law. If you have not received the forms in the mail, you can download it here. Select "Immunizations" from the menu. Please return all forms to the Health Center, 94 Pilgrim Road, Boston, MA, 02115 or by fax: 617-521-3467.
Check your Simmons email

You should be checking your Simmons email account regularly, because all official e-mails will go to your Simmons e-mail account. This includes communication from Simmons, Orientation eNewsletters, and communication regarding your academic advisor.

Once you have submitted your deposit, you can set up you email account by going to

You can also forward your e-mail to another account.

Disinfect and Protect your Computer
If you plan to bring your computer to campus, you must "Disinfect and Protect" your computer before you connect to the Simmons network. Simmons College provides antivirus software to you for free, through the Disinfect & Protect web site.
Learn about what Technology to purchase

Special pricing is available to Simmons students online through our Dell, Apple, and eAcademy stores. Learn more about the discounts available by visiting the Technology Purchasing website. If you are going to purchase a computer before you come to school, we recommend you buy a desktop or laptop meeting the Simmons minimum specifications.

As a student, you will need to be able to open and work on files created using Microsoft Office software. Technology suggests you purchase the Microsoft Office suite (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) through the Simmons e-academy online store, where you will find a terrific discount on Office and other Microsoft products, as well as statistical software.

Other useful items to purchase include:

  • USB flash drive to use to carry files around (or use Google Drive).
  • Surge protector
  • Living on campus? You should also purchase an Ethernet cable, coaxial cable (for cable television), telephone, and paper for the residence campus computer lab printer.
Take the Online Chemistry Placement Test

Are you planning to take a chemistry course as part of your major, or to fulfill a science requirement? If so, you need to take the chemistry placement exam. Because the chemistry placement examination is more a test of aptitude than achievement, a previous course in high school chemistry is not required in order to perform well. You should complete the exam before registering for classes. You can access the placement exam on Moodle.

Take an online placement exam for French or Spanish

Are you planning to study a language that you have previously studied? If so, you should take a language placement exam to ensure you are in the correct level. Placement exams for French and Spanish are offered via the web throughout the summer. These exams are for PLACEMENT ONLY. If you feel you would be able to pass out or exempt yourself from the language requirement, you must take a proctored exam on campus during a Summer or Fall Orientation.

To take the language placement exam for French or Spanish, go to the following web page. You will need the password that was provided in your advising e-mail from

Placement exams for all other languages taught at Simmons will be offered at Fall Orientation.

Get more information on the Language Requirement.

Upload a photo for your Fenway Card ID

You can now UPLOAD a photo for your Fenway Card ID. This will ensure that your ID is printed and waiting for you when you arrive to campus and save you time of getting your picture taken. Visit the Campus Card website to upload a photo (you will need to sign in using your Simmons username and password).

  • Please make sure to pay attention to all of the requirements for submitting a photo online. Photo submissions are manually reviewed before any IDs are printed. If your photo cannot be used we will ask you to resubmit your photo or we will take your photo at the Campus Card office.
  • Once your Simmons ID is printed, you will be able to pick it up at Fall Orientation. You must present a government issued photo ID in order for the Campus Card Office to provide you with your Simmons ID
Arrange for Fall Parking (Commuter Students Only)

Commuter student parking is available at the main academic campus garage, accessible from Avenue Louis Pasteur. Parking options include a flexible ParkingCash daily rate program and a semester permit program. Please note: resident students are not eligible for parking.

If you are planning to purchase commuter student parking, please wait until after August 26 to create a parking account. Parking accounts cannot be created until after your Fenway Card has been printed.Visit the Commuter Student Parking page to learn more about parking and how to register for parking.