Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to select current Simmons undergraduate and graduate students. Eligible students include students who are 1) working for Simmons over the summer, 2) taking summer classes at Simmons, or 3) at Simmons for a Simmons sponsored event (i.e. SURPASS). Additional off-campus housing resources will be available shortly to students who do not meet the criterion. 

If an eligible student desires to live on campus for the summer, they will pay a weekly rate of $160 for a double or $205 for a single. In order to be approved for summer housing, students must reside on campus for at least three (3) weeks. 

Find helpful facts, important dates, and housing rates below. For answers to any other questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Residence Life. 


Online Summer Housing Application

Students who complete their application by Sunday, March 24, 2019 will receive priority when our office creates summer assignments. The deadline for special housing accommodations (A/C, accessibility, etc.) is also Sunday, March 24, 2019. The deadline to withdraw without penalty for Summer 2019 Housing is Monday, April 22, 2019.

The Office of Residence Life sets aside a limited number of rooms to be used during the summer in North & Simmons Hall. Housing is not guaranteed. Once all summer rooms are filled we will let students know that they should pursue other accommodations.

Housing assignments are expected to be ready the last week of April. Priority is given to those applications completed by the priority deadline as well as individuals taking summer classes.

Fill out your Summer Housing Application online »

Dates & Rates

Summer housing officially starts Friday, May 17, 2019; this is the first official date of housing for students who are not current residents.

Current residents transitioning from their academic year room will be housed from the last day of residency (Monday, May 13, 2019) until summer housing begins. This is considered one week of housing, and students are charged accordingly. The minimum stay required is three weeks.

The Summer 2019 housing rates are as follows:

Room Type Rate
Single $205/week
Double $160/week

All charges for the whole summer will be due in full at the beginning of May.  There is no difference in the rates depending on whether a room has air conditioning or re-circulated air. Spaces are assigned based on application date and availability.

Summer Housing FAQ

How do I pay for summer housing?

  • Student Financial Services will bill you for the full cost of your summer room at the beginning of summer. Payment can also be taken as a check, money order, or cash at the Cashier window.
  • If you have any questions about payment options, we recommend proactively getting in touch with SFS about your summer charges.

How do I request Special Accommodations?

  • Medical documentation for a request based on medical needs must be received by the Office of Disability Services to determine the necessity of the request. The deadline to request accommodation is Sunday, March 24, 2019. The office will also review accommodation requests on a rolling basis as they come in.
  • Billing will be done prior to accommodations, so if approved, some billing changes (for approved singles) will be made after approval.
  • Please go to the Simmons Disability Services website for information and necessary medical documentation forms.
  • Neither of our summer halls have air conditioning, and therefore if you require A/C as an accommodation you must put in a request with disability services so that you can be placed in one of the conference services halls.

How does check-in and check-out work?

  • We charge by the week. Each week runs from the Friday of one week to the Saturday of the next. On the first day of paid occupancy, students may come to the Office of Residence Life between 8:30am and 4:30pm to sign out the key to their room. On the last day of paid occupancy, students are expected to be out of their room and have the key returned by 5:00pm.
  • After you complete your move, you should check in with an RA to complete an inspection and sign your room condition report (RCR). You have the option to choose to have an "express checkout." In this case, you would not have to sign the RCR but you waive the right to contest any damage charges. Once you have completed your check out, you can come into the Office of Residence Life to sign your key back in OR drop off your key in the key drop box located in your hall if it is outside of office hours. If for any reason we have not received your key within two business days of your move, your room will be recored and you will be billed $50.

What kind of spaces do you have available?

  • Single and double rooms are available during the summer. We will house students in North and Simmons Hall.
  • North floors 4 & 5 floors are designated as single gender. North floors 1-3 are open to all students and have mix-gender bathrooms.
  • Simmons Hall floors 1 & 2 will be used for Simmons University students only. Simmons Hall floors 3 & 4 may be used for summer conference guests and the bathroom and common spaces in Simmons Hall may be used of guests/students of any gender identity.

Does summer housing include a meal plan? Microfridges?

  • No, residential meal plans are not available during the summer. However, we do encourage students to think about a voluntary meal plan (see details below).
  • Microfridges can be ordered directly from the microfridge company at
  • Public kitchens are available in both summer residence halls for student use.
Who can stay?
  • Residence Life houses current Simmons University students taking classes at Simmons University, working in a Simmons office, or participating in a Simmons sponsored event (i.e. SURPASS) during the summer. If you are not enrolled in summer courses or working on campus, you will not be eligible for summer housing this year. Additional off-campus housing resources will be available shortly to students who do not meet the criterion. 
  • Students must have a $250 housing deposit on file. If you are a current resident student, then you should already have a deposit. If you have lived on campus in the past and are not sure whether or not you still have a deposit on file, please contact Student Financial Services. If you have never lived on campus, please put down a $250 deposit online here.
  • Please note the minimum stay is three weeks. 
Where will students live?

Where do students live during the summer?

  • Summer residents will be housed in North and Simmons Hall according to space availability.

How does transitioning from my old room to my summer assignment work?

  • For all "transition" periods, students are billed at the weekly summer rate.
  • At the beginning of summer, students who are currently in residential housing will be given the time to move into their summer space. We call this period "transition" because there is not one day, date, or time when everyone moves. We contact each student individually when their new space is ready to arrange a time for them to move. The student will be billed at the summer weekly rate for this time.
  • At the end of summer any student that will be living on campus for the fall semester can remain on campus for the additional weeks and will move from their summer housing assignment directly to their fall housing assignment. The student will be billed at the summer weekly rate for this time.
Summer Meal Plans

Can I buy a meal plan?

  • Students can purchase a voluntary meal plan for the summer. The options for the meal plans can be found at the Campus Dish website. The plan will not expire if you do not use all points over the summer, and you will be able use any remaining points during the academic year.

Where can I eat during the summer?

  • The Fens will be open all summer. However, the Fens Café will not be open for dinner. Bartol's summer schedule is dependent on the conference schedule and will be closed for all meals during some weeks. Students can get three meals a day from campus dining, but it will require planning and possibly getting a take-out dinner from the Fens earlier in the day.

Are there other options for eating on campus?

  • There are kitchens and full-sized refrigerators in both North and Simmons halls. Students are welcome to store food in the refrigerator while they are staying on-campus, and make use of the kitchens for their meals. There are kitchen on 1st, 2nd and 4th floors in Simmons Hall and a kitchen in the basement of North hall. Students are also welcome to rent a microfridge for the summer for use in their room.