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Discount MBTA Passes

One semester's worth of monthly MBTA passes may be ordered through the Office of Student Leadership and Activities at MCB-W002. Through this program, students receive four monthly passes at an 11% discount from the normal MBTA cost. The deadline set by the MBTA for purchasing fall passes (including September, October, November, and December) is usually in the first week of August and the deadline for purchasing spring passes (including February, March, April, and May) is usually in mid-January. Unfortunately, the MBTA does not offer the discounted MBTA pass program during the summer months.

Discounted passes are not available for sale on a monthly basis. Students who do not meet the deadline set by the MBTA for participating in the semester program should buy passes directly from the MBTA if they decide they still need monthly passes.

Should I get an MBTA Monthly Pass?

We advise students to determine how often they intend to travel on the "T" before purchasing a monthly pass. Those who use the "T" only a few times a week may not need to purchase a pass. For example, students who will use the "T" less than 34 times in a month may actually save money by not purchasing a monthly pass. (33 trips on the MBTA at $2.65* each for four months is $349.80; the Link Pass costs $300.82) *increased fares as of 7/1/14.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The preferred method of purchasing T-Passes is online. We accept credit card payments and automatic check payments through our secure payment server. We are unable to bill your student account for this purchase. To place an online order, please use our secure online payment form

Can I pay with cash?
If you wish to pay with cash, you should pay at the Office of Student Leadership and Activities in the Main College Building located in W-002, along with your order form.
Can I pay by Credit Card or with the Fenway Card?
You cannot pay by Fenway Card, but you CAN pay by credit card using our secure online payment form.
Can I turn in my order form late?
The deadlines are set by the MBTA, and are very strict. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept late orders.
Where and when can I pick up my pass?
You can pick up your MBTA pass at the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (W-002) between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. LINK Passes are given as Charlie Cards, so you only need to pick it up once.  All other passes are distributed as monthly passes, so you will need to pick it up each month.  Passes are typically available a few days before the start of each month.
What if I lose my pass?
For LINK passes, the MBTA has a tracking system in place, which means your card can be deactivated and replaced. If you lose your LINK Pass, please notify us, and we will contact the MBTA to have them send us a new Charlie Card with a LINK pass loaded on it.  It can take up to two weeks for a replacement pass to be sent to us. Unfortunately, if you lose a different type of pass, we are NOT able to replace it, as the MBTA does not have a tracking system in place to replace monthly passes.
Are discounted passes available during the summer months?
Unfortunately, the MBTA does not offer discounted passes during the summer.
What sort of pass should I get?

We would advise you to figure out where you will be traveling most often. You may wish to check out the MBTA website for more information. You can use the monthly pass information sheet to see what is covered by each pass.