Gender-Based Misconduct

At Simmons, we recognize the inherent dignity and worth of every member of our community and the right to live, learn and work in an environment free from sexual misconduct.

Simmons Gender-Based Misconduct Policy provides a comprehensive statement of our values, as well as revised processes and resources available to every member of the Simmons Community who may be a victim of gender-based misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic or dating assault, stalking or other specified conduct. The Policy serves as the single guide for all community members - students, faculty, staff and visitors to the College - in explaining prohibited conduct, on- and off-campus resources for help and support, the College's response to instances of sexual misconduct, and potential sanctions for violation of the Policy.

Simmons's Gender-Based Misconduct Policy was produced by a Task Force of faculty and administrators from across the College. Our Policy fulfills the requirements of Title IX and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA). Our Policy does not replace the Student Handbook, Faculty Policy Manual, or Employee Handbook for specific policies and practices regarding matters other than those of gender-based misconduct.

Simmons Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Our Gender-Based Misconduct Policy designates the Simmons Title IX Coordinator and the Deputy Title IX Coordinator and provides a comprehensive guide to definitions, rights and responsibilities of members of our community in addressing matters of sexual misconduct and the process and procedures the College will follow in investigating complaints under the Policy.

Simmons Deputy Title IX Coordinator - Primary contact for student complaints:
Sarah Neill, VP of Student Affairs and Associate Provost
300 The Fenway, Suite C-219, Boston, MA 02115, 617-521-2123

Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach Coordinator

Underscoring our commitment to community education on this important issue, we have established a dedicated role in a Violence Prevention and Educational Outreach Coordinator. Gina Capra has been appointed to this position and has extensive knowledge and background in this work.  Follow the Violence Prevention & Educational Outreach Program Facebook page for upcoming events and initiatives.

Excerpted from an October 14, 2014 communication from President Helen G. Drinan