Financial Information


Fundraising 101

Treat it just like an event
Someone in charge of coordinating/planning
Create a position for fundraising Bake Sales

Fundraising Ideas

• Creative packaging • Themes • Coordinated in advance Traditional Approaches • Craft/Homemade Item Sales • Care Packages • Art — Poems, Photos, and more • Personalized Calendars • Flowers and Plants • Imprinted Items • Charge admission to already planned event • Water • Coat Check • Balloon Pop • Cake Walk • Jelly Bean or other item Jar guessing Tournaments • Dodge ball • Twister • Board Games — Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.  • Donations to enhance events, food, etc. • Working at sporting events • Bagging Groceries • Working events at other schools

OSLA Table

Student organizations may reserve the OSLA table in the Fens Lobby for bake sales, cake-cuttings, and other food-related giveaways, through the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

Please note the following policies.

  • Items cannot call for heat or refrigeration (i.e., salads or desserts with cool whip or mayonnaise, raw food that must be cooked, casseroles that need to be heated).
  • There is no cooking permitted at the bake sale table.
  • Bake sales can ONLY be held in the Fens Lobby.
  • Organizations should reserve dates through OSLA for bake sales and other food related giveaways.
  • Organizations may reserve the OSLA table for traditional bake-sale fundraisers only once per semester.
  • Organizations may use the OSLA table for promotional food distribution (such as a cake-cutting) in the same semester they have a bake sale.
  • Only one organization per day may have a food-related fundraiser or giveaway.
  • Organizations may not reserve another table with the Conferences office for the purposes of food-related fundraising or programming in the Main College Building before confirming with OSLA.
Box Office Information

Looking to place tickets or a product on sale in OSLA? Fill out the form below and return it to W-002, the Office of Student Leadership and Activities.

Advantages of having your tickets on sale through OSLA includes:

  • The office does NOT charge a fee to place your tickets on sale
  • Placing your tickets on sale online
  • Collected money gets directly deposited in your budget


Box Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30am - 5:30pm
Location: W-002 (Office of Student Leadership and Activities)
Phone: 617-521-2423

Contract and Payment Timelines

Want to bring a performer to campus? Need a contract? Find all the information you need in the attached document to make sure your contract is signed and paid in time.