Spiritual Life

The Office of Spiritual Life (OSL) at Simmons works to facilitate the spiritual development and meet the spiritual needs of students. We coordinate activities to promote development and leadership skills in Simmons students, and we encourage their spiritual development. We help students connect to the larger community of their neighborhoods in the city by organizing opportunities for students to serve people in need through community service. We support students on an individual basis by providing referrals to local houses of worship and offering spiritual directing. The Office of Spiritual Life is an opportunity for inter-faith, inter-cultural programming, and dialogue for the entire Simmons community.

Stop by the Office of Spiritual Life, Main College Building (MCB), Room W009 (Fens Level), during office hours or schedule an appointment with any of our staff members. The OSL staff can be reached as a group via email: spirituallife@simmons.edu and members of the Simmons community can connect with Spiritual Life on campus via facebook.

Simmons also encourages students to balance their spiritual life with their college experience by providing resources and making accommodations on the Residence Campus to support students who want to live a faithful life. Resources are listed below for each of the various religious communities.

The Colleges of the Fenway also offer a variety of religious opportunities.

The Staff of the Office of Spiritual Life, Main College Building (MCB), W009:

Bonnie-Jeanne Casey, Director of the Office of Spiritual Life
(617) 521-2489, casey3@simmons.edu

Miriam Blue, Hillel Director
(617) 521-2137, Miriam.Blue@simmons.edu

Sumaira Afzal, Muslim Advisor
(617) 521-2497, Sumaira.Afzal@simmons.edu

Darcie Nielson, Catholic Student Advisor
(617) 521-2468, Darcie.Nielson@simmons.edu

Danielle Francis, Student Worker
(617) 521-2468, Danielle.Francis@simmons.edu

Miriam Blue, Hillel Director
(617) 521-2137, hillel@simmons.edu

Simmons Interfaith Team

The Simmons Interfaith Team (SIT) is a group of students who are interested in being interfaith leaders on the Simmons campus. The team meets weekly to plan interfaith events and programming for the Simmons community, while also building community with each other.

This semester (Fall 2017) we are hosting a number of visits to local houses of worship. See flyer below.

Students apply to be on SIT and are trained in interfaith discussions and event planning. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Bonnie-Jeanne Casey at casey3@simmons.edu.

Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association (CSA) is dedicated to fostering Catholic community at Simmons through worship, dialogue, service, and programming in order to broaden the social, spiritual, and intellectual horizons of its members. CSA is an opportunity to be a part of something that supports Simmons students' spiritual growth while also supporting your own faith development in your life here at college. If you are interested in Catholic life on campus, serving as community leader, and helping our community grow, please get in touch with the Catholic Chaplain. 

Catholic Spiritual Life on the Residence Campus

Catholic Student Association
Kim Lopez '15, Marie Fazio '17, Jackie Suarez '15

Prayer/Reflection space is available on both the Residence and Academic campuses.

  • Residence Campus: Smith Basement
  • Academic Campus: Office of Spiritual Life, Room #W-010, open at all times.
For more information, please contact:

Darcie Nielson
Office of Spiritual Life, MCB W009

Simmons Christian Fellowship

Simmons Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian community affiliated with Real Life Boston and Campus Crusade for Christ International. We seek to encourage other Christians on campus as well as create a safe space for spiritual discussion and growth for those exploring faith. We host weekly life groups, attend events on and off campus, and host events that help further our mission on campus.

Simmons Hillel

Hillel at Simmons is your center for Jewish life on campus. Simmons Hillel offers social, cultural, religious, and educational programming throughout the year. The Jewish community at Simmons is always looking for new leadership and interest! We hope to meet you soon!

Simmons Hillel is supported by the Simmons Office of Spiritual Life, Simmons Office for Student Leadership and Activities, The Office of the Dean for Student Life, and Hillel Council of New England.

Simmons Hillel offers many different events on-campus, such as Shabbat dinners, holidays programs such as Sukkot and Passover, social events such as bagel brunches and ice cream socials, and frequently holds joint events with other local colleges and universities.  

Executive board members
Advisor: Miriam Berkowitz Blue
President: Lena Lax
Vice President: Ariella Brown
Treasurer: Hannah Sieber
Nina Louison
Natalie Levin-Schwartz
Lizi FineSarah Patrick

Jewish Life at Simmons

Hillel at Simmons is your center for Jewish life on campus. Simmons Hillel offers a variety of social, educational, cultural and religious programming throughout the year. Simmons Hillel is staffed part-time by Simmons Hillel Director. Miriam is available to meet with students regarding personal or religious issues, as well as just to chat. She is able to help you arrange attending Boston area Shabbat services, signing up to prepare your own kosher meals and so much more! 

Holiday observance

Simmons Hillel works with students to make plans for High Holiday service attendance and works with Simmons faculty and staff to ensure sensitivity of holiday observance throughout the year. All details about holiday observance at Simmons can be found on the Simmons Religious Observance policy

Keeping Kosher on Campus

Kosher meals are not currently offered in the Simmons dining halls (Bartol / Fens). A residential student interested in kosher meals can work with staff to arrange access to the kosher kitchen, located on the basement level of Evans Hall on the Residence Campus, for her own meal preparation. Residential students interested in preparing their own kosher meals should contact Simmons Hillel Director Miriam Blue for details.

During Passover, Simmons Hillel works with Simmons Dining to offer a catered kosher for Passover meal plan. Sealed boxed lunches and a buffet dinner are offered during Passover. 

Questions? Contact: Miriam Blue
Advisor to the Jewish Community
Office of Spiritual Life, MCB W009

Simmons Islamic Society

The Simmons Islamic Society (formerly the Muslim Students Association) is a student organization which focuses on establishing a comfortable environment for the Muslim community within the institution. We not only work to meet the needs, both social and religious of our fellow sisters, but also work towards meeting the needs of our religious and non-religious communities at large. SIS is a diverse group of women who are passionate about serving community, proud of their religious heritage, and welcoming to all.

Simmons Islamic Society
Members of the Simmons Islamic Society

Executive board members
President: Ridha Abidshah
Vice President: Maryam Derdari
Secretary: Sarah Haque
Treasurer: Fatima Chowdhury
Public Relations Representative: Nadeen Abuhassan
Historians: Aiza Zia and Nadwa Ibrahim
SGA Representative: Aisha Lawal

JCAB Officer: Norah Ismail

Muslim Spiritual Life on the Residence Campus

Welcome to Simmons: Assalama alaikum!

Prayer/Reflection space is available on both the Residence and Academic campuses.

  • Residence Campus: Evans Hall basement.
  • Academic Campus: Office of Spiritual Life, Room #W-010, open at all times.

Ablution Facilities (private bathrooms, hand-held shower heads, or bathtubs) are currently available on the Residence campus as follows:

  • Arnold Hall
    • 1st & 2nd Floor- Hand-held shower head
  • Dix Hall
    • 2nd Floor- Bathtub
  • Evans Hall
    • 1st - 4th Floors- Private bathrooms
  • Mesick Hall
    • 1st - 4th Floors - Hand-held shower heads
  • North Hall
    • 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor - Bathtub
  • Simmons Hall
    • 1st Floor
  • Smith Hall
    • 1st - 4th floors - Private bathrooms
  • South Hall
    • 1st Floor - Hand-held shower head
    • 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Floor - Bathtub

Quiet Floor in South Hall: Designed for students who prefer a quiet atmosphere, this floor generally maintains quiet for sixteen hours per day. Floor members decide the specific hours.

Wellness Community in South Hall: Supports and promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle, an ongoing process that is different for each individual.

Dietary Needs are met on a daily basis by providing halal hamburgers and hot dogs at three locations:

  • Bartol Dining Hall @ Three Squares; the Fens Grille; and at the Quadside Cafe.
  • During Ramadan, Simmons provides a special Ramadan Table in Bartol, serving halal meat dishes every night at sunset. The Simmons Islamic Society (SIS) reserves a room in Bartol for sunset prayer. Dining Services also provides breakfasts (suhoor) for fasting students, which can be obtained the night before and ordered online.

All Women Swimming can be arranged with the Director of Athletics on Sundays whenever possible.

Contact Sumaira Afzal, Advisor to the Muslim Community
Sumaira.Afzal@simmons.edu 617-521-2497
Office of Spiritual Life, MCB W009

SIS Event

SIS Event