Student Leadership FAQ

How do I submit my applications?

Applications for RA selection will be available following the mandatory information sessions. You will be emailed a link to the application. Do not forward this link.

The application for Summer RA selection will be live soon. The link can be found on the Apply page.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

You can apply for as many positions as you are interested in!

Can I hold two positions at once?

This depends on which two positions you choose:

  • RAs cannot be OLs, but they can be SHEs, PEs, S101 Facilitators and SFB members.
  • OLs can be S101 Facilitators, SFB members, SHEs and PEs.
  • SHEs and PEs can be RAs, S101 Facilitators, SFB members, and OLs.
  • S101 Facilitators can be OLs, RAs, SHEs, PEs and SFB members.
  • SFB members can be RAs, OLs, SHEs, PEs and S101 Facilitators.

What should I put on my resume?

Please list any accomplishments, awards, and relevant classes, work or volunteer experience. Don't forget to spell check!

How should I dress for my interviews?

This is an interview, so please dress accordingly. This means a suit or business casual attire. NO JEANS!

When do I find out if I have been hired?

Please check out the timelines on the individual position pages or our Timeline Overview page.

What is a Group Process interview?

A Group Process interview is when all the applicants meet with the current Residence Life Staff, and then the applicants are placed into small groups, overseen by 2-3 current staff members. Once placed in these small groups, the candidate groups will be given 3-4 short activities, during which the current staff will observe how the candidates interact with one another. All applicants must attend one Group Process interview.

What is an RA Individual interview?

An Individual interview is when the RA applicant is interviewed by one Resident Director and one current Resident Advisor. The RA applicant cannot be interviewed by their current RA or RD. All applicants must attend one Individual interview. Once all of the RA candidates have completed their interviews, the Residence Life staff will invite those candidates that we are interested in either hiring for an 2013-2014 RA Alternate position or a RA position to participate in RAMP. Those applicants that are not invited to participate in RAMP are strongly encouraged to apply for other leadership positions, as well as encouraged to reapply for the RA position for 2013-2014.

What are RA alternates?

Each year we only have a certain number of positions available, but we often find that there are an abundance of qualified applicants! Because of this, we will select a small group of candidates to be RA alternates. These alternates will be contacted if a hired RA is unable to fulfill their duties during the 2013-2014 academic year. RA alternates are frequently hired, so please consider accepting this position!

How many RA positions are available?

Since we will have some returning staff members applying to return, we cannot say exactly how many open positions there are at this time.

Do I get to choose where I will be an RA?

You are welcome to mention during your interview if there is a student population (first years, upperclass women, transfers, etc) you would like to specifically work with, but in the end, the Professional Staff will decide based on your skills and our staffing needs where to best place you.

If selected as an RA should I participate in the Housing Room Selection?

You will know before the Room Selection Process whether or not you have been hired as a Resident Advisor for the 2014-2015 academic year. If hired, you do not need to go through Room Selection.

If I'm not hired as an RA this year, can I apply again next year?

YES! Because we have so few positions, we encourage students to apply the following year in the hopes that we will have more openings. During that time, getting more student leadership experience in other positions is always helpful in your application process; becoming an Orientation Leader, a Simmons 101 co-facilitator, Peer Educator, or other student leadership position can help you bring more experience to your RA application for the next year.

I'm interested in going abroad at some point in my college experience. Can I go abroad while I'm an RA?

Unfortunately, we only hire on a one-year contract; if you are unable to serve as an RA for the entire academic year, we ask you to re-apply the next year.

Are RAs able to hold outside employment?

Yes, but we discourage anything greater than 10 hours a week. Your supervisor will help you negotiate balance in this area.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about the general selection process, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities at 617-521-2423 or by e-mailing and for questions about the RA position.

If you have questions about specific positions, please contact the designated contact person for that position directly.

What is the difference between being an OL and being an FYE Facilitator?

The goal of both Orientation Leaders and S101Facilitators is to ensure that new students have a successful transition to the Simmons College environment. OLs and S101 Facilitators have different methods for ensuring this smooth transition. An Orientation Leader communicates with an Orientation Group during the summer and helps to develop community within the group during an intense Fall Orientation in September. The Orientation Leader is also responsible for helping make all aspects of Fall Orientation run smoothly. A Simmons 101 Facilitator serves as a peer mentor and role model during the Simmons 101 Course in the fall. With a co-facilitator, S101 Facilitators plan and deliver weekly classes throughout the fall semester; these classes are meant to introduce students to the resources available to them at Simmons and to help students develop meaningful connections within their S101 Class.

What is the time commitment for being an Orientation Leader?

Orientation Leaders will need to attend a few evenings of training during the Spring 2013 semester. During the summer, Orientation Leaders spend 1-2 hours/week communicating with their students via e-mail and Facebook. Upon returning to campus in late August, they will undergo an intense week-long training followed by Orientation Week. Their official role and time commitment ends after Orientation, but many remain in touch with their Orientation Group members throughout the first semester.

What is the time commitment for being an S101 Facilitator?

Simmons 101 Facilitators will need to attend a few evenings of training during the Spring 2014 semester. Upon returning to campus in late August, they will undergo an intense week-long training. During the Fall 2014 semester, they will spend approximately 3-4 hours per week preparing for class, meeting with their co-facilitator, and running their class session. The S101 Facilitator role ends mid-semester.

What are you looking for in an Orientation Leader?

We are looking for a diverse and representative sample of the Simmons population to be Orientation Leaders. There is no one "perfect" example of an Orientation Leader. We are looking for students of all majors, personal backgrounds, personalities, and experience. However, we are looking for students who are open-minded, great team-players, able to handle stress well, have strong written communication skills, and are comfortable speaking and leading their peers. Most importantly, being an Orientation Leader is fun, so we are looking for students who are excited about their roles and interested in having a meaningful impact on a new student's time at Simmons.

What are you looking for in an S101 Facilitator?

We are looking for a diverse and representative sample of the Simmons population to be S101 Facilitators. There is no one "perfect" example of an S101 Facilitator. We are looking for students of all majors, personal backgrounds, personalities, and experience. However, ideal S101 Applicants should be open-minded, comfortable sharing their personal experiences, organized, and able to speak in front of a class of 18-25 students. Most importantly, students should be committed to mentoring first-year students and ensuring that they have a smooth transition to Simmons.

What will the group process interview be like?

The group process interview is a two-hour interview, during which you are observed working in small groups on various tasks. It is designed to be a fun way for you to express your leadership skills so that the observers can see how you communicate and collaborate.

What should I expect from my individual interview?

The individual interview will give you time to talk more about the specific positions for which you are applying and ask questions about these positions. Students applying for the Simmons 101 Facilitator position will also be asked to present a brief sample class exercise to their interviewers. Students applying to be an Orientation Leader will be given a sample e-mail question to answer prior to their interview.

What if I want to apply for both Orientation Leader AND S101 Facilitator?

Many students serve as both Orientation Leaders and S101 Facilitators, as the primary goal of both positions is similar: to help new students acclimate to their first semester at College. Because of this, we have a joint application for both positions. However, as the positions are unique in their expectations and roles, we ask that if you are applying for both positions, you address your qualifications for each position in your application essays and in your individual interviews.

What if I am returning as an Orientation Leader, but want to apply to be an S101 Facilitator?

If you are a returning Orientation Leader, but never have been an S101 Facilitator, you still need to apply to be an S101 Facilitator through the Student Leadership Selection Process.

What if I am returning as an FYE Facilitator, but want to apply to be an Orientation Leader?

If you are a returning S101 Facilitator, but never have been an Orientation Leader, you still need to apply to be an Orientation Leader through the Student Leadership Selection Process.

Health Education Position FAQ

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