Center for Applied and Community Research (CACR)

Our mission is to advance excellence in social science research, training, knowledge transfer and exchange at the School of Social Work and to extend this work to the broader Simmons research community. We integrate research, teaching, and practice using an interdisciplinary approach, thereby building a bridge between academic science and community science.

Research Center

Specific Aims

  1. Develop institutional and investigator capacity.
  2. Provide administrative, scholarly, and technical assistance for researchers.
  3. Collaborate with, and participate in, community research.
  4. Nurture a commitment to culturally-informed, evidence-based practice through advanced training, applied research, and the interaction of scholars and practitioners.

These aims are met through the creation of research and training infrastructure and the provision of assistance with the planning and conducting of research, dissemination of research findings, and training of researcher-practitioners.

Key Features

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Scholar-practitioner collaboration
  • Integration of policy, research and practice
  • Faculty-student collaboration
  • Faculty professional development
  • Professional training
  • Publications

To aid community research at Simmons College, the CACR hosts a series of events throughout the year and maintains a list of tools and resources for researchers.


  • David S. Robinson, Ed.D.