For Entering Students

Registration Information


AARC is the Simmons course registration system. It is accessed through the Simmons Connection. You will need your student user name and password to log in to Simmons Connection. Please note, before using AARC to register you MUST activate your Simmons account with your user ID number. Information about activation was mailed to your home address.

To activate your account, please visit: and follow the directions.

Course Registration

You will need to be logged in to Simmons Connection and select AARC to begin the registration process. You may begin to register for classes in early to mid-June (Fall Entry) or early to mid-December (January Entry).

Please click this link and print these important instructions for course registration and then continue to scroll down the page for important information.

Fall Weekly Class Schedule Grid  

Fall Course Descriptions

Full-time student (FT) registration (Fall Entry)

  • Year I students typically register for four required courses and field education (SW 446A)
  • Total of five courses or 17 credits per semester
  • Students also register for two zero credit requirements SW 402 Information Literacy Orientation Program and SW 31A Writing Assessment

Courses for Full-Time Students (Fall Entry)

Full Time Sample Program Schedule

  • SW 401A Social Policy and Services (3 credits)
  • SW 411A Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE) 
    (3 credits)
  • SW 421A Social Work Practice (3 credits)
  • SW 441 Research (3 credits)
  • SW 446A Field Education (5 credits)*
  • SW 402 Information Literacy Program on-line course
    available on Moodle July 1st, (0 credits)
  • SW 31A Writing Assessment, (0 credits)

* Section 01 is for 24 hour, 3 day a week field placement; Section 02 is for 16 hour, 2 day a week field placement (Section 02 is by permission only).

Extended Program (EP) registration
(Fall and January Entry)

Important EP information (please download and print)

Fall Extended Program Sample Schedule

January Extended Program Sample Schedule

Extended Program FAQs

Students must register for at least 6 credits
Extended program students do not register for field education until the second year in the program.

  • SW 401A Social Policy and Services (3 credits)
  • SW 411A Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE)
    (3 credits)
  • SW 402 Information Literacy Program on-line course
    available on Moodle July 1st, (0 credits) 
  • SW 31A Writing Assessment, (0 credits) FALL ONLY

Registration for Advanced Standing Students (Fall Entry)

Advanced Standing Field placement days are usually Monday, Thursday and one other day (Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday) Do not accept a field placement day requiring you be in placement on Tuesdays from 9-11AM. There is a mandatory Advanced Standing Seminar class at that time during the fall.

Advanced Standing Sample Program Schedule

  • SW 402 Information Literacy Program on-line course, (0 credits)
  • SW 424 Advanced Clinical Practice, (3 credits)
  • SW 414 Assessment and Diagnosis, (3 credits)
  • SW 569 Advanced Standing Seminar, (Tuesday 9-11AM, 3 credits)
  • SW 596 Field placement, (5 credits)

*A Social Action course (3 credits) can be taken fall, spring, or summer 

Registration for Urban Leadership Program (ULP) Students

Urban Leadership Sample Schedules for Full Time and Extended Programs

Follow above guidelines for Full-time or Extended Program.

Consult ULP handbook for information for MINI COURSE registration.

  • Fall 2013, please register for SW 408 Oral Presentation Skills, please note it begins August 27th.
  • January entry, please register for SW 407

Full-time Fall Entry ULP students must not register for a two semester class ( SW 421A: Social Work Practice ) in the Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm time block. A required ULP class Urban Leadership 1, SW 451, is in this time block spring 2014.

Urban Leadership Program Handbook


  • Moodle is the Simmons College on-line learning system which provides the on-line framework for all courses at the SSW.
  • From Moodle, you will access all course syllabi, as well as class handouts, journal articles and class communications.
  • Use your user name and password to log on to the Simmons Connection and then Moodle.  
  • Very helpful information about getting started with Moodle is available on your Moodle page under the listing: Moodle 101.
  • Each semester (fall, January, and summer), course syllabi will be available on Moodle approximately 10 days prior to semester start. 


If you have any difficulty with the registration process on AARC, please contact the Registrar's Office at
617 521-2111 or

For other technical issues, please contact the Service Desk at
617-521-2222 (M-F 9AM- 6PM).

ASK SSW if you have question regarding planning your academic schedule, please email .