Other State Services

The Department of Children and Families Domestic Violence Unit.

  • Although having DCF involved in a family's life can be distressing, DCF can often be a source of support as well. Sometimes, this agency is able to assist the family with accessing services that they might not otherwise be able to access. For example, DCF may offer assistance with accessing shelters, specialized counseling for the survivor and/or children, a batterer's intervention program, funding for an after-school program, day care, or other child-related service, depending upon the specific needs of the family.

The Department of Transitional Assistance Domestic Violence Unit.

  • The DTA serves families on welfare, and there is a DV specialist at each area office. "There are some welfare rules which may be waived for victims of domestic violence if complying with the rules may put the client or her family at risk. These include the Work Program, the Time Limit, the Family Cap and the Teen Parent School Attendance requirements. The specialist can assist with applying for a 'waiver' of these requirements. The Unit is also a bridge between DTA and other Domestic Violence service providers to assure that there is a coordinated response to these cases."