Unit 4 Quiz

Choose the best answers for the questions below then click "Check Your Answers" at the bottom to see if your answers were correct and read feedback for each questions.

  1. Which circumstances always legally require a Massachusetts social worker to report abuse? Check all that apply.
    1.  a. Financial exploitation of an elderly person
    2.  b. Direct threats to seriously injure or kill any person
    3.  c. Abuse of spouse, partner, or date
    4.  d. A child injured during an episode of domestic violence

  2. District courts in Massachusetts differ from probate courts in which of the following ways? Check all that apply.
    1.  a. District courts deal with criminal cases, while probate court deal with family matters.
    2.  b. District courts have more services for domestic violence survivors.
    3.  c. Probate court orders supersede district court restraining orders.
    4.  d. Only a district court can issue a restraining order.

  3. Undocumented immigrants face barriers to getting services because of (check all that apply):
    1.  a. Language differences
    2.  b. Threat of deportation
    3.  c. Ineligibility to use battered women's hotline and shelter services
    4.  d. Ineligibility for some federally funded/operated programs
    5.  e. Ineligibility to get a restraining order
    6.  f. Lack of knowledge about services

  4. Which are true of Victim Witness Advocates? Check all that apply.
    1.  a. They are available in all Massachusetts' courthouses.
    2.  b. They work for the District Attorney's Office.
    3.  c. They can help those who are accused of criminal offenses.
    4.  d. They can help someone with obtaining a restraining order.
    5.  e. They are attorneys.

  5. If a 209A Restraining Order is issued, after a Temporary Restraining Order expires, it is valid for which length of time?
    1.  a. 10 days
    2.  b. Indefinitely
    3.  c. Up to one year
    4.  d. Until the next day the court is open
    5.  e. 5 years

  6. Obtaining a restraining order can increase a person's risk of harm from an abuser.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  7. To obtain a restraining order, one must either appear before or speak by phone with a judge.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  8. Filing a 51A (report of child abuse) may increase the danger to an abused spouse.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  9. Restraining orders always require the batterer to stay away from the person who obtained the order.
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false

  10. As a mandated reporter, if you know that a child witnessed domestic violence, you are required to file a report with the child protection service (DCF).
    1.  a. true
    2.  b. false