Visiting Scholars

Mayra Ruiz Castro, Ph.D.

Dr. Mayra Ruiz Castro joined CGO as a Visiting Scholar in January 2013. Her research centers on organizational, societal, household and individual factors that determine employees' career and work/life outcomes. She studies the intersection of gender with age, class, race, ethnicity and culture, and how this determines people's experiences of privilege and disadvantage in the workplace. She also studies employee resistance to organizational practices, e.g. long working hours, that lead to micro nevertheless meaningful changes. She is particularly interested in the contexts of emerging markets and developing countries, presenting alternative cultural perspectives about organizations and inequality.

Dr. Ruiz Castro is also a researcher at the Harvard Business School and teaches courses in organizational behavior at Babson College. She is affiliated with the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. She received her Ph.D. degree in Development, Organizations and Gender from University College London.
She has extensive international work experience in the areas of human capital, women's career development and advancement, and corporate social responsibility in Mexico, the UK, Germany and India.

Dr. Ruiz Castro was invited to present her research on "Time, gender, and work/life balance in Mexico" at the 2013 Global Workforce Roundtable organized by the Boston College Center for Work and Family. The meeting was attended by representatives from leading corporations seeking to enhance their global workforce strategies. She contributed to the Boston College Center for Work and Family Executive Briefing Series with the publication entitled "Work-life in Mexico: Policy, Practice and Culture".