Affiliate Activities

Here is a sampling of CGO Affiliates' recent activities and professional accomplishments.

Bonnie Betters-Reed

  • Bonnie co-chaired an Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop, "Complicating Identity and Context:  Global and Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women Leaders,"  on Friday, August 3 from 10:30-12:30 in Boston (Park Plaza, Franklin Room). 

Stacy Blake-Beard

Gelaye Debebe

  • Gelaye's book Navigating Power: Cross Cultural Competence in Navajoland was published in May.
  • Gelaye also contributed to a paper presentation for the 2012 Gender, Work, and Organizations conference held in Keele, England. Please see Vangie's section for more details. 

Patricia Deyton

  • Received a grant from the Fund for Faculty Excellence to develop the first Nonprofit Board Census in Eastern Massachusetts in collaboration with The Boston Club, modeled on the highly acclaimed Corporate Board Census, which has been conducted annually by The Boston Club for several years. The census, the first of its kind, will publically track the numbers of women directors and executive officers on the 100 largest nonprofit boards in Massachusetts and address the issue of board diversity from a gender perspective. Additionally, it will provide novel baseline data and interpretation to guide future discussions and agendas around women and board membership.

Cynthia Ingols

  • Cynthia was honored with an appointment to the Editorial Board of the NACRA journal, The Case Research Journal.

Sylvia Maxfield

  • Sylvia and Patricia collaborated on a workshop about Social Return on Investment (SROI), held May 18 and 19 at Simmons School of Management. Led by expert trainer, UK-based Jeremy Nicholls of the SROI Network, the workshop provided an in-depth study of and hands-on approach to learning how to measure social outputs, outcomes and impacts and to use the SROI approach to valuing some social impacts in monetary terms. The workshop was a collaboration of the CSR and Nonprofit Management concentrations. Sixteen professionals attended. Sponsors included The Boston Foundation; Simmons School of Management Alumnae Association; Simmons School of Management's Principled Leadership Initiative, and the Center for Gender in Organizations.
  • Sylvia has been appointed Dean of the School of Business at Providence College and will begin her new position August 1.

Lynda Moore

  •  A Professional Development Workshop was accepted for the Academy of Management Annual Meeting developed in collaboration with Bonnie Betters-Reed and Stacy Blake-Beard. Entitled "Complicating Identity and Context: Global and Cross Cultural Perspectives on Women Leaders" the workshop aims to explore the current "state of the art" research on women leaders and women's leadership within a global and cross cultural context.
  • Lynda recently gave a talk on Global Mindset to Sun Life Company.
  • "Building a Sustainable Sustainability Model: Exploratory Research on Financial return on CSR in the Apparel Industry" co-authored with SOM alums Indrani De Silva and Sara Liebmann has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Corporate Citizenship.

Teresa Nelson

  • Teresa Nelson and Helene Ahl of Jönköping University (Sweden) have completed a new manuscript, The Positioning of Women Entrepreneurs and their Ventures through Discourse: A Comparison of a Liberal U.S. and a Social-Democratic Sweden Welfare State. The work was be presented at the Gender, Work, and Organizations Conference in Keele, UK, July 2012 and it has been submitted to the Journal of Business Venturing for publication consideration.
  • Teresa also recently accepted a role on the NY Advisory Board for Astia, a global women's high growth entrepreneurship accelerator based in Silicon Valley. She also continues on the Scientific Advisory Board of Women Equity Growth, a nonprofit arm of investment bank Bryan-Garnier, headquartered in Paris. Through that body she is now preparing a white paper on women high growth entrepreneurs in France in the context of their business families.

Mary Shapiro

  • In June Simmons hosted "A Study of the United States Institute on Women's Leadership," as part of a broader U.S. Department of State initiative designed to promote a better understanding of the U.S. abroad and to help develop future world leaders.
  • Twenty undergraduate women from five African countries, along with 10 Simmons students, participated in a five-week program, "Women Changing the Face of Leadership." Mary and Patricia served as academic leads for two weeks of the curriculum. The initiative is designed to develop leadership skills and enhance their understanding of United States' history, government, and society with a particular focus on women's leadership. 

Evangelina Holvino

  • Evangelina Holvino's recent presentations as part of the CGO "Complicating Gender" grant include:
    1) The Conference Board, New York City, Keynote: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: Strategic Organization Change by Engaging Differences, April 18, 2012.

    2) The Social Justice Education Conference at University of Massachusetts School of Education, Poster session with James Cumming and Stephanie Jo Kent: Simultaneity: A Model of Differences for the 21st Century, April 20, 2012, Amherst, MA.

    3) NCORE 2012 Conference, Workshop: Social differences in the Age of Globalization: Intersections, the Simultaneity of Differences and Their Application in Organizations, June 1, 2012, New York City.

    4) Gender, Work & Organization 2012 Conference, Keele, England. Paper presentation with Gelaye Debebe and Joyce Fletcher: Deconstructing Women Only Leadership Development Training with the Simultaneity Model of Intersectionality, June 27, 2012.

    5) Gender, Work & Organization 2012 Conference, Keele, England. Think Tank session sponsored by CGO with Joyce Fletcher and Gelaye Debebe: Putting Intersectionality Into Practice: Where are we, where are we going, and how can we get there together?, June 29, 2012. 

Erica Foldy

  • In Spring, 2012, Erica was a Visiting Scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley as well as Scholar-in Residence at Mills College, Lokey Graduate School of Business and Graduate Program in Public Policy.
  • Erica has an article coming out: Foldy, E. G. Forthcoming. Something of collaborative manufacture: The construction of race and gender identities in organizations. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.
  • Erica recently gave two invited talks: "Color bind: Talking (and not talking) about race at work" at Mills College on May 2 and a keynote presentation at the XXXIV Annual International Symposium for the Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups at Adelphi University, Garden City, Long Island on June 15. The title was "Leveraging Differences among Diverse Work Group Members: Building Innovation through Cultural Competence in Human Services."