Center for Gender in Organizations

The Center for Gender in Organizations (CGO) is helping to shift how decision-makers think and act in terms of gender equity, diversity and organizational effectiveness. Our research demonstrates that gender equity and diversity greatly improve work practice and businesses benefit when they view gender equity as a strategic imperative and a source of competitive advantage. It is this vital link between gender equity and productivity that forms the cornerstone of CGO's work.

In addition, our Affiliates serve as speakers, consultants, trainers and developers of customized research. It is this rare combination of research and practice that gives our work practical immediacy that allows us to improve individual, team and organizational performance. Current partnerships include the Fish Family Foundation, the United States-Japan Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, as well as several rights-based nonprofit organizations. We are also a sub-contractor for the National Institutes of Health.

CGO's current research includes work on simultaneity- the combination of multiple social identities such as gender, race, and class- and intersectionality, as we explore problematic moments in classroom settings, convene scholars to build on these concepts, and work towards increasing incorporation of the theories in research within the field of management and organizational studies.

Other research areas include middle schoolers and gendered messages, gender and negotiations, women's perceptions of effective leadership, women as primary earners, and women's networks and their impact on women's advancement.

CGO is also a gender consultant partner with a major human rights organization.