Students in the GCS/MSM duel degree program will be asked to complete 55 total credits of course work. 27 credits will be completed in the MSM program, 24 credits in the GCS program, and 4 credits will be a capstone project that integrates the two fields of study. Additionally, students will specialize in one of the following areas of study: Nonprofit Management, Communications Management, or General Management.


Three required GCS courses (4 credits each):
GCS 403 Seminar in Gender/Cultural Studies
GCS 430 Cultural Theory

And one of the following:
GCS 406 Feminism and Literature
GCS 410 Issues in International Studies
GCS 412 Theoretical Approaches to Cultural Narratives
GCS 415 Feminism and Economic Difference

Five required core M.S. in Management courses (3 credits each):

  • Business and Management
  • Accounting and Financial Aspects of Business
  • Negotiation and Problem Solving
  • Leadership, Teams and Organizations
  • Strategic Management and Marketing

Four required M.S. in Management Courses by Specialization (3 credits each):

Communications Management General Management Non-Profit Management
Emerging Communications Technologies Project Management Non-profit Management
Communicating Across Cultures Culturally Intelligent Leadership Finance and Accounting for Non-profits
Research Management Operations Management and Decision Making Philanthropy, Policy, and Fundraising
Applied Learning Project Strategic Communication and Organizational Change Strategic Communication and Organizational Change

Three GCS elective courses (as approved by the GCS department - see sample list below)

One combined GCS/MSM capstone (4 credits)

Sample GCS Elective Courses:

GCS/ENG 405 Contemporary Critical Theory
AST 513 The Black Struggle for Schooling in America
AST 525 Critical Race Feminism and Public Policy
CHL 401 Criticism of Children's Literature
ENGL 402 Seminar in the Teaching of Writing
ENGL 598 Feminist Film Studies
INRL 590 Seminar in International Relations
PHL 523 Law and Philosophy

*Curriculum is subject to change.