Our accomplished, accessible faculty members have decades of high-level experience working in and with the health care sector, and they provide invaluable knowledge and insight into the industry. Imagine learning about quality and governance from the Chair of the Trustees group at the Massachusetts Hospital Association, or about payment systems from an advisor to USAID and the World Bank, or about health care finance from a former chief financial officer at Massachusetts General Hospital, and you'll have a sense of just some of the real-world expertise that they bring to the classroom.

Simmons professors are actively engaged in the health care and business worlds as top-tier administrators, successful consultants, distinguished researchers, and visionary community leaders. Their achievements and specialties cover a wide range of areas, from Medicare and Medicaid policy, health care reform, R&D, and asset and liability management to leadership development, biotechnology, and international health care.

Our faculty present at major health care conferences and their research appears regularly in such prestigious health care and business journals as the Journal of Healthcare Management, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, Health Services Research, and the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law.

Catherine Robbins

Title: Professor of Practice; Chair, Health Care MBA Program

Email: catherine.robbins@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-3848

Office: M-341

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Robert F. Coulam

Title: Senior Lecturer; Director, Research in Health Policy and Management

Email: robert.coulam@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-2372

Office: M351

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Mary Finlay

Title: Professor of Practice

Email: mary.finlay@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-3812

Office: M348

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Gary Gaumer

Title: Associate Professor; Faculty Leader, Accounting, Finance, and Economics Department

Email: gary.gaumer@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-2373

Office: M342

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Paula Gutlove

Title: Professor of Practice in Negotiation and Conflict Management

Email: paula.gutlove@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-3844

Office: M-437

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John M. Lowe, III

Title: Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs; Associate Professor; Chair, Health Care Administration Programs

Email: john.lowe@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-2375

Office: M346

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Alice Sapienza

Title: Professor Emerita

Email: alice.sapienza@simmons.edu

Phone: 617-521-2374

Fax: 617-521-3046

Office: M343

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