Gary Gaumer

Associate Professor; Faculty Leader, Accounting, Finance, and Economics Department

Phone: 617-521-2373
Office: M342


  • B.S. Bradley University
  • Ph.D. Northern Illinois University


Dr. Gaumer is a health economist with program responsibility for courses in Economics and Business Performance Measurement. He has been a prominent health services researcher, leading the activities of Cambridge-based Abt Associates in this area for many years. An expert on incentive payment systems in health care, he has helped Medicare develop and test incentive systems and has established systems for Medicaid in states including Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Montana, Alaska and New Mexico. He also has done research on international health, alternative medicine, telemedicine and healthcare labor markets. As a consultant, he designs and implements health financing and information systems reforms for clients, including the U.N., World Bank and the U.S. State Department, in such countries as Egypt, Jordan, China, Albania, Armenia, Kosovo, and Iraq. He serves on the Board of the VNA Care Network Hospice. He is a former faculty member and now Research Scholar at the Heller School at Brandeis University where he does research on international health topics for the Gates Foundation and other clients. Recent work for Gates has focused on quantitative papers dealing with improving the effectiveness of global malaria policy.


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  • "The Income Elasticity of Health Care Spending in Developing and Developed Countries," Marwa Farag, A.K. Nandakumar, Stanley Wallack, Gary Gaumer, Dominic Hodgkin and Can Erbil, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, Volume 12, Issue 2 (2012), Pages 145-162.
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  • "A Primary Care Information System Featuring Feedback to Clinicians." Gary Gaumer, Nefesa Hassan, and Michael Murphy. International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 23, No. 3, June-September 2008.

Working Papers

  • 2012 working paper: "Cost Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS Prevention Strategies in Egypt," Gary Gaumer, Wessam el Beih, and others.
  • 2012 working paper: "Tackling Malaria and Pneumonia: New Approaches to Improving Return on Investment," Wu Zeng, A,K, Nandakumar, Gary Gaumer, Joanne Beswick, Carol Medlin, and others.
  • 2012 working paper: "Understanding the Paradox in Malaria: Spending Huge Sums and Getting A Small Return," Moaven Razavi, Stanley Wallack, Gary Gaumer, A.K. Nandakumar,
  • 2012 working paper: "The Experience With Incentive Payment Programs in LMICS; A Review of the Evidence of Impact," Gary Gaumer, Diane Bowser, and others.
  • 2012 working Paper: "Effectiveness of Accountability Interventions of Voice and Choice in Improving Quality of Health Services in Poor Countries," Gary Gaumer, Joanne Beswick, and others.

Consulting Work

Dr. Gaumer does consulting for international donor organizations to advise governments about ways to improve the performance of their health system. Recent clients have included UNAIDS, USAID, DFID (British), World Bank, among others. For these clients he does incentive program design work, pilot program evaluation, workshops on international best practices, and design of simple primary care information systems. In the last couple of years, Dr. Gaumer has worked in Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Kosovo, and China.