Health Care Electives

MBAH575 Health Policy (Elective)

The production, selling, and buying of health care is not like the production, selling, and buying of other goods or services. There is a major public role in health care. Regardless of one's perspective on what the proper bounds of government's role should be, there is no question that government's current role is substantial. This large public role makes "health policy" something students need to understand -- and, at times, help influence -- if they are to be effective health care managers. This course includes key determinants of health policy and its implementation. It will pay special attention to the complex current debate over health reform and the future of the Obama legislation. It will expose students to health services research studies so students can intelligently consume the important body of research on cost, quality, patient safety, and other issues. 3 credits

MBAH578 Seminar in Health Services Research (Elective)

Health services are profoundly affected by the behavior of patients, providers, and others, reacting to incentives, professional commitments, and all of the other imaginable influences on how care gets organized and delivered, to whom, under what conditions, at what cost, and with what consequences for quality and access. Health services research is a field of study that aims to understand these relationships and improve results in health care delivery and financing programs. The purpose of this seminar is to give students a more sophisticated understanding of this essential body of work -- a body of work that can have important implications for the actions and responsibilities of the serious health care administrator. The course will allow the interested student to understand basic methods of health services research through careful examination and critique of important work in the field, and through conducting a health services research project in collaboration with faculty. 3 credits

MBAH577 Seminar in International Health (Elective)

The purpose of this seminar is to assist interested students to understand the way health systems are organized in other countries and what systematic forces are at work to create variations in the performance of those systems in creating healthy people. Students will each identify two countries of interest, one developed, and one low- or middle-income country. All student presentations and writing assignments will focus on these countries, using the U.S. as a reference nation.

Major topics in the seminar will be measuring health, national health and disease priorities, the relation between income and health, theory of household health production, creating access to care, approaches for financing care and paying providers, measuring and promoting equity, roles of international organizations, and related issues. Students will prepare a monograph on their countries compiled from their written products on these topics and make a final presentation on their findings. 3 credits

MBAH501 Health Care Practicum (Elective)

Students wanting practical, hands-on experience may conduct a project or analysis of a local health care problem. This may include working on some special project or supporting an activity in a local hospital, health plan, or government agency. It may also include data collection and analysis. Alternatively, students may be seeking broad exposure to a health care organization and conduct a specific management project that benefits a sponsoring organization. Students will write a paper and make a final presentation to other students and faculty. 3 credits

MBAH502 Health Care Independent Study

An independent study is a research project designed so that a student is able to obtain new knowledge or experience under the supervision of a member of the faculty. Successful independent studies typically are mutually beneficial to both the student and the faculty member. Independent studies may be a project designed by the student or involve assisting a member of the faculty in work that s/he is doing. The student should submit a plan outlining the hypothesis and areas of research he or she will explore on the subject of health care management, as well as which faculty member will be his or her advisor. This proposal must precede registration for an independent study. Students must identify a faculty advisor prior to registration for any independent study. A comprehensive 30-page research paper or another major piece of student output is required as the deliverable. 3 credits