"I left the program really energized and with tremendous focus returning to work. I felt like I left the workshop ready to conquer the world and things very quickly took shape for me. I was promoted in late October. This came after some conversations with my management based on the guidance I had received at the workshop and my action plan." Ami Mehr, PhaseForward

"Since the program last fall, I decided that the one important thing for me to do in my career is to find a mentor. I asked one of the female managers I know here at work, and I have been meeting with her to discuss career strategies and career management. As a direct result of the mentoring we have done, I am getting ready to begin a new assignment and am excited for the new challenges this opportunity will bring. I couldn't have done this without the mentoring relationship we developed, and I wouldn't have pursued that relationship had I not attended the Simmons program." Trudy Kortes, NASA

"The program helped me to understand my personal leadership style and also gave me insights into the leadership styles of my colleagues. Using the skills from the workshop has assisted me to step out of my comfort zone and try new challenges. I was particularly impressed with the amazing women who attended the workshop. It was a privilege to get to know them and work with them. We have continued to collaborate with each other's progress." Maureen Hearn, CRICO Risk Management Foundation

"My Simmons Executive Education experience was phenomenal! The environment is so conducive to powerful learning, and the curriculum is exactly what's needed to focus on becoming an effective leader." Jocelyn B. Hauser, Telekurs Usa, Inc.

"If you want a course that is not fluff where you can use the learnings immediately - this is it" Kara Simon, Low Income Investment Fund

"Inspiring, thought provoking, value added experience!" Lybrease Woodard,  NASA Marshall Space Flight Center