March 26th, 2009



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The mission of the Simmons School of Management is to educate women for power and principled leadership. We are committed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in management through excellence in education and research. Our academic programs offer rigorous, applied, management education designed for women. We focus on leadership, and our programs integrate the strategic, functional, and behavioral aspects of management. SOM students gain the knowledge, analytical skills, and confidence that they need to manage successfully in dynamic and global environments. We are invested in our students’ success and support them as they launch, advance, and change their careers.

New Information This Week

Note from Mary D

Note for my Sports Nuts

Quotes of the Week

SDM/Strategy Reminders

Schedule Changes/Reminders

Summer Schedule Updates

Upcoming Schedule Notes

Graduation Meeting for all Students Finishing Degree Requirements in August 2009

Track Meeting

Got 7 Minutes?

SAVE THE DATE! – May 3rd Building Opening and Dedication

Ignite Change

MBA Office Updates

Note from Mary D.

As I have talked with students this week, clearly everyone is relieved that many exams are over, but it is also evident that people are tired, can’t wait for the weekend, and need a burst of energy to get through next week. The light at the end of this tunnel will get brighter for sure, but you have worked really hard to get to this point in the semester or your program. Do not let yourself get into a negative place that becomes unfocused and unproductive. For some of you, this could be a moment that requires you to dig a little deeper into your personal reservoir of strength to find the energy to study and focus on what is coming next week. Stay positive, take a moment this weekend and do something for yourself-whether that is going for a run, having dinner with friends or family, or whatever it is that always makes you feel better afterwards.

Note for my Sports Nuts

The Tennessee women’s team went down in the first round of the playoffs last weekend. First time ever that a defending champion lost in the first round. Tennessee was beaten by a good team, but something went wrong on that day, in that moment and they unfortunately didn’t have a second chance. In your MBA program, lots of points are on the table during the semester but don’t underestimate the importance of your best effort on each of them. For me, one lesson is always take nothing and no one for granted and never look too far down the road that you forget about the task at hand. Give it 100% each and every time you go into class, take a test, prep a case, work on a project. Each piece ends up contributing to your ultimate goal of learning the most you can and getting your MBA. But losing your focus might have some consequences that make it difficult to recover.

Quotes of the Week

“There are no short cuts to any place worth going."-- Beverly Sills

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one." -- Mark Twain


SDM/Strategy Reminders

SDM and Strategy are a combined course under two different course numbers this summer. If you have taken SDM but not Strategy, you must register for SDM and will get a full tuition refund for those two credits. Fiona is aware that there are a couple of students that had the pre-req’s to take SDM last summer, and is planning to work with these students as a group. It is very important for your overall Strategy course experience that you take SDM.

Schedule Changes/Reminders

BGGE A, March 27, class will be 12-3pm instead of 11-2pm.

SDM starts Monday, March 30.

No CSR Thursday, April 2.

CSR Sunday, April 5, 1-5pm.

Managerial Accounting will have a double session on Wednesday, April 1st.

Summer Schedule Updates

First class of CSR will be June 7, 5-7pm

Reminder that IT Management is a required course for all students that entered as of Fall 08 and later. It is an elective course for all other students.

CSR is now closed with a waiting list started.

Upcoming Schedule Notes

Students finishing degree requirements in August meeting with the SOM Deans and Registrar, Tuesday, April 7, 5-5:50pm.

Graduation Meeting for all Students Finishing Degree Requirements in August 2009

Please come to a meeting on Tuesday, April 7 from 5-5:50pm with Mary D, Deborah Merrill-Sands, Deb Marlino and Donna Dolan, our college registrar to discuss final plans regarding graduation.

Track Meeting

There will be a track meeting for day students on April 8th at noon in room M223. Pizza will be served!

Got 7 minutes?

That's all it takes to have the SOM included in the 2009 edition of Business as UNusual: The Net Impact Student Guide to Graduate Programs! By taking the survey, you play a key role representing us in this year's guide. 

>> Take the survey today at

The guide profiles graduate programs with Net Impact chapters, providing the student perspective on environmental and social themes in curriculum, extra-curricular activities, alumni networks, and career services. Last year's guide featured profiles of more than 60 programs, including the SOM, and input from more than 1,500 students. You can download the 2008 guide at

We look forward to getting your feedback!

Registration Updates

Summer registration deadline has passed, though you should be able to still login to AARC and register. If you have any difficulty please email Paula at If you need advising please contact Mary D. or Darla. All registration materials can be found on the SOM Gateway at: Registration for Fall will begin on April 24th. More details will come in mid April!

Updates Regarding GSM 503B and GSM 512B

GSM 503B: Risky Business's pre-requesites are GSM 420: Financial Reporting and Analysis and GSM 421: Managerial Accounting. GSM 435: Finance, is NOT a requirement.

GSM 512B, Corporate Social Responsibility, will start on June 7th.

Updates on Building Issues

We have put a Brita filter on the 2nd floor kitchen faucet as a green initiative step and an effort to reduce the amount of water we are consuming weekly. We cleaned out the fridge over break and Mary D. finally relented and bought a toaster, coffeepot, coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

Recognition to Paula

Paula Bent just completed the Foundations of Management class last week which was a series of professional development management sessions aimed at building skills and competencies. She was nominated and selected by the SOM to participate in these sessions and I was thrilled to see her selected!

Room Locations for Susan Hass's Rescheduled Classes

Wednesday, April 1st: 10am -12pm, in room M223 (Make-up for Day Section)
Saturday, April 4th: 9am -12pm, in room M223 (Make-up for Evening Section)

MBA Perspectives: Business Focus Must Change

Today Net Impact, in partnership with the Aspen Institute, released the results from a survey that gathered the opinions of 1,850 MBA students (not just Net Impact members), representing over 80 graduate business programs.  The study, “New Leaders, New Perspectives: A Survey of MBA Opinions on the Relationship Between Business and Social/Environmental Issues,” was conducted in order to understand current student opinions on careers, graduate programs, the economy, and the relationship between business and social/environmental issues.

The survey posed 23 close-ended questions that fell roughly into four categories: the recent global financial crisis; curriculum; career; and business and social responsibility.

Interesting findings include:

• 90% of today’s graduate students blame a focus in business on short-term rather than long-term results as one of the contributing factors to the global financial crisis

• There is a question as to how well students are being prepared to deal with such crises. Just 24% of respondents strongly agree that their graduate program is helping them learn how to make business decisions that will avert similar financial crises. Yet respondents also strongly agree that business schools should introduce financial models that take long-term social impacts into account (56%)

• Students also feel that the MBA curriculum at their schools should include more content related to sustainability and corporate responsibility (78%)

• Less than a third of respondents think that corporations are working towards the betterment of society (31%). Yet, they definitely believe that the for-profit sector should play a role in addressing social and environmental issues (88%) and that being responsible leads to corporate profits (77%)

>> View an executive summary and full report of the survey
>> Read the official press release

Please Reserve Study Rooms!

Please take the time to reserve a study room if you need to use one! If you choose to use a room without a reservation, please be aware that a student or group who has reserved it may come by to claim it, and if they do, please be courteous and leave promptly!  You may currently reserve a room for a 2-hour block, but if no one comes by to claim it with a reservation after your time is up, you are welcome to stay longer.

Please reserve a room by contacting Nicole at or 617-521-2400, or by stopping by the Academic Programs Office (M-M103).

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News & Events

SAVE THE DATE! – May 3rd Building Opening and Dedication

Please join President Helen Drinan and Dean Deborah Merrill-Sands to celebrate the opening of the School of Management and Academic Building on Sunday, May 3rd from 10:00am-12:30pm.  Come enjoy the company of fellow students and staff, faculty, and alumnae as we celebrate the new building with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.

To register for the event, please call 800-246-0573 by April 17th

Ignite Change

Date:       Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time:       6:00pm - 9:00pm

Where:    Hult International Business School,
1 Education St Cambridge MA

Register @

IgniteChange is a forum for the community to share their ideas on how to apply innovation and creativity to solve social issues currently impacting both our local and global communities.  The socially-focused, sustainable  enterprises may be non-profit,  for-profit, or somewhere in between. Presenters can focus on any subject area, such as energy, the environment, health, or technology 

IgniteChange is made up of two important parts:

     1.      The presentations from those in the community

     2.      Connecting people with each other

How it works

IgniteChange will follow the 5x5 format. Presenters will have 5 mins to present   (5 minutes - max 20 slides which will rotate automatically at equal intervals (ie. 10 slides 30 sec/slide; 20 slide = 15 sec/slide) followed by5 minutes for questions from the audience.

Please visit our website for more details.

Fashion With Impact-- Update!

SOM Alumna and Proxy Apparel, Inc. Founder Heatherjean MacNeil and her design team have been working on a Fashion With Impact documentary that will feature footage from the Simmons fashion show as well as the vignettes crafted by Alex Montone of Edun Live (ELOC) for the show. The film is scheduled to be released at the end of March.

In addition, FWI’s premier collection, re-fashen (/rē-ˈfa-shən/: remake, alter), will debut in the Simmons College Bookstore this Spring on April 9th. The collection will bring together the talents several local Bostonian designers focused on refashion, featuring unique garments made from old and recycled clothing. The collection specializes in refashioned blouses and dresses, the perfect way to celebrate being green this Spring! Featured designers include Dama Designs (, Lyric Couture (, Photosynthesis (, Shannon Glasheen (, and Wildewear (

Upcoming FWI Events:

FWI/ELOC at D2E Conference: April 3rd, 4th & 5th

FWI and ELOC are hosting a table at the D2E Conference the weekend of April 3rd. The event will serve as a valuable networking opportunity as well as an opportunity to sell shirts. Pieces from the FWI collection may be shown in the fashion show, and the event may also serve as the debut of the FWI documentary.

FWI Fashion Show, Design Hive's Green and Groovy event: April 5th, 1:00pm

In celebration of Earth Day, FWI will adorn the runway with recycled fashions at Design Hive’s Green and Groovy extravaganza. The fashion show will debut pieces from FWI’s Spring Collection /Rē-ˈfa-shən/ and showcase the work of several local designers focused on the art of refashion: creating unique garment from recycled clothing and fabric.

FWI Spring Collection Launch Party: April 9th, 11:00am-2:00pm

To celebrate the debut of FWI’s Spring collection in the Simmons College Bookstore, FWI will be hosting a launch party on April 9th in the Fens, which will feature models wearing the collection, music and food.


Professor Susan Duffy

Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Kindle!

Help your women friends and colleagues achieve their leadership potential. Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education today and you will be entered to win a Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, one of Simmons Leadership Development programs, or Professor Deborah Kolb’s book: Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success.

Refer a friend today!

Simmons School of Management's Leading Women Entrepreneur Series Presents Betty Riaz, founder of Stil

Monday, April 6, 2009, 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Room 501-502

Betty Riaz founder of the boutique Stil, “followed her heart” and opened a small retail boutique introducing unknown and exciting designers to “fashion-forward” women in Boston. With two stores, Betty wove her early experiences in fashion and retail, with her years of living abroad in Scandanavia, England and Switzerland and her own artistic sensibility, to fill a retail niche for women 20-55 who are looking to wear “something different.”

RSVP today


Simmons School of Management's Leading Women Entrepreneur Series Presents Vidula Sukhatme, Award Winning Founder of GlobalCures Inc.

Monday, April 27, 2009, 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Room 501-502

Join us for an inspiring discussion with Vidula Sukhatme, founder of GlobalCures Inc, a nonprofit designed to bring alternative drug therapies to cancer patients. After her friend died of breast cancer, Sukhatme, trained as an epidemiologist, saw the enormous gap between what happening in basic scientific research and what was available in the market. Her organization is leading the worldwide effort to research therapies that have substantial scientific merit but for a variety of reasons are not being developed by other organizations, including the for-profit pharmaceutical companies.

Ms. Sukhatme is Simmons School of Management’s 2009 Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

RSVP Today

Women’s Economic Summit

Monday April 6, 2009, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at The University of Massachusetts Lowell

As a member of the Simmons Community you are eligible for a $50 discount off registration when you enter Promo Code SCES09

Register today:    

The Women’s Economic Summit is the first of its kind, targeting an educated, influential audience of businesswomen and addressing the incredible impact of women on today’s economics.

Join Simmons at The Women’s Economic Summit. You will learn from some of the world’s leading experts on the economics of women, including:

*Dr. Deborah Kolb, Simmons School of Management’s internationally recognized negotiation expert

*Alison Maitland, co-author of Why Women Mean Business- Understanding the Emergence of our Next Economic Revolution

*Sharon Hadary, Executive Director of the Center for Women’s Business Research

*Marie Cocco, award-winning columnist of the Washington Post

*Former Lt. Governor Evelyn Murphy, author of Getting Even: Why Women Don’t Get Paid Like Men and What To Do About It.


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Career Services Updates


CEC Presents: Careers in Public Health Panel
Date: Wednesday, April 1
Time: 3:00-4:30pm

Public health professionals who represent multiple fields will speak about employment and internship opportunities in research, community practice, education, and health administration.


3rd Annual SOMAA Speaker Series
A two-part series to discuss the current "State of the Economy," and an industry panel discussion and networking event on "Where are the Jobs?"

Dates: April 2 & 14
Time: 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: M-501, Executive Education Conference Room
Fees: If you are interested please contact CSO as soon as possible
Register for the event at
Contact: Office of Alumnae/i Relations at 800-246-0573 or

Part One: The State of the Economy
Date: Thursday, April 2
Professor Sylvia Maxfield will discuss the numerous factors that helped precipitate the current financial meltdown, and the effectiveness of various bailout plans. As the global economy changes daily, Professor Maxfield, who was recently featured on NPR’s Tell Me More, will lead a fascinating dialogue about the current market and her theories for the future.

Part Two: Where Are The Jobs?
Date: Tuesday, April 14

For those of you thinking about career advancement and/or a career transition, don't miss this opportunity to interact with panelists representing healthcare, green technology, and other high growth industries for a discussion on trends, as well as the expertise and skills needed to compete in today's changing environment.

6th Annual Bio-Industry Forum
Date: Friday, April 3
Time: 8am-2pm
Registration is Free – register at
For more information visit 

Come learn about internship opportunities at Partners HealthCare with Recruiter Dave Santino
Date: Tuesday, April 7
Time: 11:45am
Location: TBA
More details coming soon…

Date: Monday, April 27
Time: 3-5:45pm
Location: M-222

Boston Women in Finance 2009 Entrepreneur Panel
Date: Wednesday, April 29
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Location: Bingham McCutchen, 1 Federal Street, 13th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
Fee:   Members - $10 / Students & Affiliates - $15 / Non-Members - $20
Entrepreneurs will discuss how their companies have evolved and the special challenges they have faced as women in business. For more information visit



Boston’s NAACP Professional and Executive Diversity Job Fair
Tuesday, April 7, 10am-3pm, at the Marriott Boston Copley Place, 110 Huntington Ave.
For more information visit

Boston Healthcare Career Fair
Monday, April 13, 11am-2pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Society of CPAs Career Fair/Networking Expo
Wednesday, May 13, 3:30-5pm, at The Colonnade Hotel, Boston
For more information visit

Boston Career Fair
Monday, May 18, 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
June 26-27, at the NYU Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, New York City
Boston Career Fair
Monday, July 20 - 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
2009 ALPFA National Convention
August 8 - 12, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

CSO Career Expo
September 10, at the Linda Paresky Center, Simmons College, Boston, MA

1st Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Fair         
September 10-12, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City


Recent Job Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Financial Specialist - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
~ Development Director - Teen Voices Magazine
~ Director of Passageway - Brigham and Women's Hospital
~ Fiscal Officer - MIT
~ Executive Director - Massachusetts Workforce Investment Administrators Association
~ Director, Program & Service Delivery - The Center for Women & Enterprise

Recent Internship Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Marketing Intern - The Green Roundtable, Inc. / NEXUS
~ Intern, Marketing - Vertex Pharmaceuticals
~ Hospital Elder Life Program- MBA Internship - Hebrew SeniorLife
~ Internet Marketing Summer Intern - HubSpot
~ MBA Internship - Athenahealth
~ The John A. Volpe Transportation - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
As a reminder, please keep your Career Connect profile up to date. If you forgot your username and password, please contact or 617-521-3857. Please do not re-register yourself as past information about you will be lost.
Is your organization looking for smart, talented candidates?  Do you have an Employee Referral Program?  Tap into the amazing candidate pool right here at Simmons SOM!

  • Contact Lisa Toby ( about specific opportunities for individual matching of students and alumnae
  • Post positions on Career Connect thru the CSO
  • Add an announcement in the MBA Update
  • Use the electronic networking profile book which includes profiles of participating current students
  • Introduce CSO to your organization's HR/Recruitment


Demand down for foreign worker visas
That's good news for small companies that have found themselves shut out of the annual H-1B visa lotto in past years.

Hired! With help from your friends
Finding a job in this economy is tough, finding two jobs is nearly impossible, unless you know someone who knows someone who can help.


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Library Updates

Research Assistance

Need help figuring out the best database to find articles? Problems finding what demographic is the biggest consumer of ham products? Contact the librarians and set up a time when we can help you! Linda Schuller Wolf, the SOM Librarian, is at or 617-521-3851.



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Technology Updates

Greetings SOM Students!

On behalf of Technology at Simmons, welcome to the Main Campus!  Technology is here to help you have a smooth semester start as you settle in to your new space!

  • For other tip sheets and descriptions of technology resources visit  We even have some podcasts on iTunes U.
  • Need help with your computer?  Sign up for a Technology Self Help Clinic by calling (617-521.-2222) or emailing
  • Media Services has a variety of equipment is available for you to borrow including laptops and cameras:
  • The Technology Desk on the 1st floor of the Beatley Library Information Commons is staffed with Simmons students eager to help you use the computers and study rooms available to you throughout the Library. This includes the Media Viewing and Listening Room, where you may watch or listen to DVDs, VHS tapes, and broadcasts.
  • At the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor you may borrow, among other items, a laptop that has the Bloomberg application on it.
  • Do you wish to enhance your software skills?  Go to for a course catalog and to sign up for a workshop.

In addition to all of the resources around campus, the new SOM building has computing spaces available to you.

  • The MBA Resource Room on the 1st floor houses six computers and both a black/white and color pay-for-print printer.  Two of the computers are Macs that run Windows Vista or Mac OS X Leopard.
  • The MBA Living Room on the 2nd floor contains two Express Web Stations. 
  • There are also seven study rooms, all of which include a computer.  In addition, M205 and M230 include the following:
  • Large screen LCD monitor
  • Auxiliary audio and video inputs (e.g. for laptop)
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Audio/video recording (beta service: requires prior training)

Stay tuned for additional information about the College, including Technology’s services and resources by reading the MySimmons announcements on a regular basis. 

We are happy to assist you, so please let us know what we can do to help you get acclimated to the Main Campus.

- Technology at Simmons


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