October 8th, 2009



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The mission of the Simmons School of Management is to educate women for power and principled leadership. We are committed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in management through excellence in education and research. Our academic programs offer rigorous, applied, management education designed for women. We focus on leadership, and our programs integrate the strategic, functional, and behavioral aspects of management. SOM students gain the knowledge, analytical skills, and confidence that they need to manage successfully in dynamic and global environments. We are invested in our students’ success and support them as they launch, advance, and change their careers.

New Information This Week


Special Note From the Dean in Regards to the Princeton Review Rankings!
Note from Mary D.
Mary D.'s Sports Analogies!

Quotes of the Week
Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for MBA and UG Management Students
Registration Information for Spring 2010 Semester
Schedule Reminders
Gain Non-Profit Board Experience and Connect with SOM Alums -Join the School of Management Alumnae Association Board
Apply for the Entrepreneurship Program!
GSM 516: Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation
Seeking Volunteers for Global Entrepreneurship Week
Executive in the Classroom-Kija Kim Visit on November 10
SOM Consulting Club
Room to Read Event

MBA Office Updates

Special Note From the Dean in Regards to the Princeton Review Rankings!

 I am proud and delighted to share the news that we received the official word  this week that we are included in the 2010 edition of Princeton Review’s 301 best business schools and that we are ranked #1 as the school with the greatest opportunities for women.  As you know, we could not compete for this ranking before because we did not have AACSB accreditation.  But now we are in and got #1.   We are in great company on the list of 10 top schools in this category – George Washington, UC-Davis, UC-Berkeley, and UMass Amherst.  

The rankings are based on the percent of students who are female, the percent of faculty who are female, and student assessment of: resources for female students, how supportive the culture is of female students, whether the business school offers coursework for women entrepreneurs, and whether case study materials for classes proportionately reflect women in business.   We know that we should be #1 in this category and it is very gratifying to see that all of our hard work to earn AACSB is yielding us this kind of visibility and recognition for being the leader in our niche.

The summary of quotes from our students included in the profile is wonderful and really captures who we are.  Here is what Princeton Review published:  “Attracting a bright, lively, and diverse group of scholars, “students say they are ‘constantly amazed by the level of intellect in conversation inside and outside the classroom. There are amazing women at Simmons.’; ‘Drawing students from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, you'll meet students who are "conservative, liberal, local, from other countries, straight, gay, in the public or not-for-profit sector, [and] in the private sector.’ Despite diversity, the school is small; "everyone knows each other, which fosters a very strong feeling of community and belonging."  In line with the school's forward-thinking agenda, "Simmons SOM opened a brand new "green" building on the Simmons main campus in the Fenway neighborhood. We now have a home that reflects the community-based and socially responsible concerns of the SOM community." Students absolutely love the new building, which is equipped with "excellent" technology and "great informal meeting places and areas to work that at the same time provides opportunities to connect with colleagues." Located in the Boston, the Simmons campus is "accessible via public transportation and for students on campus it is very easy to 'get around' the city."  A largely part-time program, "Fellow students are busy with the challenges of balancing home, work, and school, and yet focused and committed to completing their degree." While part-time students don't have much time for campus activities, "the administration go out of their way to have activities both during the day and during the evening to ensure evening students who work full-time have opportunities to be involved." Among other programs, "There is a fabulous speaker series of effective women leaders and academicians.”    I am also really pleased to see the appreciation for and impact of the new building. 

These rankings are critical to building our reputation and we look great in the Princeton Review profile.  My very special thanks to Kerri Brophy who worked strategically and diligently to ensure that we had the best opportunity to be included in the top 301 and that we competed successfully in the #1 ranking for schools with great opportunities for women.  My thanks as well to our students who took the time to answer the Princeton Review survey and share their enthusiasm about the SOM. Other Boston based schools that made it into the categories of top 10 rankings in other areas were Harvard, Bentley, BU, and MIT.

Note from Mary D.

This weekend is Columbus Day and I am sure is making all of you smile at the possibility of enjoying part of a long weekend! I encourage you all to take a walk, go apple picking, do something fun as you gear up for the middle part of the semester. I know that Finance presentations were last night and Strategy 1 is wrapping up and Accounting exams are just around the corner as random samples of the workload increasing, but it is part of being in graduate school! You all know it was a big week in the MBA program with the Princeton Review rankings coming out. My special thanks to all the returning students that made it possible to have a shot at it. As we told the students that were here the day it was announced, we had less than a week to get students to fill out the surveys and it was over spring break with students everywhere, even out of the country in Latin America on the travel course. There are not many things I can say with certainty, but one of them is that our community of students will always rise to the occasion and step up to go the extra mile for the SOM. The Princeton Review response rate was another great example, and makes me always appreciate why I love my job!

Mary D.'s Sports Analogies!

Baseball playoffs have started and the Red Sox are in them. Their goal of making it to the post season started last February in spring training, and they never lost sight of that goal. Individuals and teams will feel a new level of pressure this week, similar to what you are all feeling as you enter midterms and deliverables. Remember that the skills that got you here will carry you through as long as you are prepared, disciplined and give it 100%.

Quotes of the Week

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen." -- Frank Lloyd Wright

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” -- Michaelangelo


Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for MBA and UG Management Students

The SOM is finishing the application process to join the Beta Sigma Gamma Honor Society for Management UG and MBA students and start a chapter at Simmons. This is a national honor society that we are now eligible for with AACSB accreditation. More information will be coming soon!

Registration Information for Spring 2010 Semester

The SOM will be registering on November 16 and 17 for Spring 2010 term.

Schedule Reminders

No classes, Monday, October 12th for day students, but Leading Org Change (GSM 465B) and F. Accounting (GSM 420B) are running at 6pm.

Consumer Behavior, 2nd face to face meeting, Thursday, October 15, 4:15-6pm.

Gain Non-Profit Board Experience and Connect with SOM Alums -Join the School of Management Alumnae Association Board

Apply by November 15, 2009

Interested in serving on a non-profit board?  Wish to serve in a leadership capacity between your fellow students and the alumnae community?  Want to make a difference in the SOM Alumnae community?

If so, then joining the School of Management Alumnae Association (SOMAA) Board of Directors as a Student Representative could be an exciting next step in your MBA career.

SOMAA is recruiting for two Student Representatives (one full time, one part time) from the Class of 2011 to sit on the Board as non-voting members.  Student Representatives are critical to the Alumnae Association as they represent the interests of current students, SOMAA’s pre-alumnae constituents.

SOMAA plays an important role by acting as the liaison between the SOM and both its direct alumnae community and that of Simmons College overall. As a 15 member board, it strives to foster engagement though advocacy, programming and special events that advance both alumnae development and the strategic initiatives of the SOM.

As a Student Representative, you will have the opportunity to work closely with other board members on a variety of initiatives, as well as lead the selection process for future Student Representatives. Commitment to serving on the board requires attending monthly board meetings held the first Monday of every month.

Your year-long term as a Student Representative would begin in January 2010 and end January 2011 with the option to renew your term if you are still an SOM student. This is a wonderful opportunity to extend your leadership skills in a non-profit setting, while maintaining a close connection to the SOM as you progress in the program.

To apply, please email a copy of your resume and a statement of interest to Maicharia Weir Lytle (mzweirlytle@gmail.com) by November 15, 2009. 

If you would like more information including a full position description before applying, please contact our current Student Representatives:

Meara Ryan: kathleen.ryan@simmons.edu

Jennifer Clark: jennifer.clark@novartis.com

Apply for the Entrepreneurship Program!

Apply now for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and reserve your space!  The Certificate in Entrepreneurship priority application deadline is November 1st.  Please click here to print a copy of the application.  All application materials must be sent to Darla Pires-DeGrace in M411 or via email at Darla.pires-degrace@simmons.edu no later than Sunday, November 1st.  For those of you considering the Entrepreneurship program, we encourage you to register for the first of four required courses: Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship which is scheduled during the January 2010 intersession.  Please contact Darla for more information.

"One of the top 25 graduate entrepreneurship programs in the United States”

— 2009 Entrepreneur Magazine and Princeton Review

GSM 516: Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation

Module, Schedule and Deliverables Overview

The Essence of Sustainability Analysis and Evaluation: Course Framework

►Evaluate the business case for sustainability
►Choose sustainability goals
►Identify metrics to assess progress toward goals


►Measure: collect data on metrics
►Turn measures into financial values

Module One: Introduction to Issues and Metrics

GRI knowledge café F2F Jan. 21
Begin brainstorming games in teams F2F Jan. 21
Deliverable (10 points): teams make games and bring games to class Jan. 28
Play games F2F Jan. 28

Module Two: Strategic Performance Measurement: Business Case-Goals-Metrics-Data

Read: Hitchcock and Willard, Chapters 2-5
Begin case exercise (individual)
Case workshop and team formation for sector projects F2F Feb. 11
Deliverable (20 points): written case example due Feb. 19

Module Three: From Sustainability Metrics Data to Financial Values

Deliverable (5 points): valuation exercise (individual) due Feb.25
Review valuation exercise F2F Feb. 25
Deliverable (10 points): revised or new valuation exercise (individual) due March 2

Module Four: Sector “Best Practices” Evaluations

Deliverable (5 points): Read/Re-read Hitchcock and Willard and make a list of best practice processes (individual exercise - can be turned in anytime during the semester but no later than March 4)
Team research project planning workshop F2F March 4
Deliverable (15 points): team reports due March 25
Deliverable (5 points): go back to your original case and identify questions and issues to explore in light the best practices reports
Discussion of cases in light of best practices F2F April 1

Capstone Integrative Exercise (Individual)
Deliverable (30 points): case benchmark analysis report due May 8

Seeking Volunteers for Global Entrepreneurship Week

Volunteer your creativity, management skills and entrepreneurial spirit to plan and execute this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week event. The Direct Selling Education Foundation will partner with Simmons Collage to sponsor an event aimed at educating Generation Y consumers on the direct-selling industry and feature companies with widespread corporate social responsibility and green products. Modeled after popular events such as “Shecky’s Night Out,” the event is designed to feel like giant party taking place in a fair or trade show atmosphere where participants network, sample products, and shop.  The evening will include inspirational speakers, food and drink, DJ, fashion show, and a free goodie bag for all attendees. 

The event team is currently seeking volunteers to assist in the following resume-building areas: Event Planning (includes fashion show), Marketing and Public relations, Brand development, Market research, Strategic Marketing Plan Creation, Web 2.0/Social Media Strategy, Graphic design, Print, Web  and Operations management. Please send statement of interest to: heatherjean.mac@gmail.com

Executive in the Classroom-Kija Kim Visit on November 10th

Join the SOM on November 10th in the MGMT 321 diversity class at 4pm, for Kija Kim’s visit to the SOM. All MBA students are invited to this event.  Room location TBA.

A niche player in homeland security and disaster relief, a leader in the development of advanced geospatial technology with their internationally recognized multi-hazard portfolio analysis…and yet all of this made Kija wonder, was this where it ended? Could she sustain this distinct niche as supplier of software, systems integration and geospatial data management services to “the big guys” in government and Fortune 1000 companies? She had come a long way and she knew the answer was less about her strategy and more about her sense of self. What would make her feel successful? “ “I’ve gone back and forth on whether being a woman, being a minority person or being an immigrant was the most difficult part of breaking into business.” Quotes from the Case that Prof. Lynda Moore and Prof. Bonnie Betters-Reed wrote about Kija Kim and published this summer.

SOM Consulting Club

SOM Consulting Club
Wednesday, October 14th
5 - 6 PM
SOM Room 222

Come learn about and and contribute to the development of the consulting club!  Brainstorm ideas for guests and programs to learn about the truths and opportunities in the consulting world.

To join the group's social network, email Jenna Toplin at jenna.toplin@simmons.edu!  Once you join, you can RSVP on the Ning! site!

See you there!

Swine Flu Symptoms and Health Center Protocol Reminders

In accordance with the guidelines set by the Boston Public Health Commission, the Simmons Health Center will diagnose students with ILI on the basis of symptoms. The treatment recommendations are the same for anyone with ILI as they would be for confirmed cases of either seasonal flu or H1N1: isolation for 24 hours after fever is gone without help from fever medication, or four days from the onset of symptoms — whichever is longer.

You can use the following checklist to help decide if you have the flu:

-Fever of 100 °F or more


-Headache, body aches, or chills

-Sore throat

-Vomiting or diarrhea

If you have a fever of 100 °F or more, a cough and/or sore throat, you have an influenza-like illness and should follow these guidelines:

Stay home, do not attend classes, and contact the Health Center at (617) 521-1020 promptly for further health care instructions. If you live on campus and are able to return home without using public transportation, we will ask that you do so promptly. If you cannot return home, we will make arrangements for you to stay in your room on campus while you recover. Residence Life will offer alternative accommodations for any impacted roommates.

Do not return to campus/classes until 24 hours after being fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication, or four days from the onset of symptoms – whichever is longer.

We have asked that faculty offer flexibility regarding absences and class assignments, should you be away from class due to ILI. You will not need to produce a doctor’s note for your absences, but are asked to communicate with your faculty via email directly regarding your absences wherever possible. Our Academic Technology department also is working to develop a plan for providing access to course lectures for students who have an influenza-like illness. More information regarding this will be disseminated shortly.

The Simmons College Emergency Response Team continues to meet regularly and to plan for any potential outbreaks of H1N1 or seasonal flu on campus. We are working with the Boston Public Health Commission and are regularly monitoring information from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In the meantime, we strongly encourage the practice of good hand and respiratory hygiene. This includes:

Hand hygiene. Wash your hands often with soap and warm water, or with an alcohol-based hand rub or gel, especially before you eat, after visiting public places, or after being in contact with anyone with a cold or flu.

Don't share items that you put in your mouth, such as drinking cups, straws, or utensils.

Cover your mouth or nose when you sneeze. If you don't have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your sleeve — not on your hands — to prevent spreading the virus.

We will provide regular information and updates via the Simmons Health Center website http://my.simmons.edu/services/health, which includes an H1N1 & Seasonal Flu FAQ prepared by the Health Center. If you have any questions or concerns about your health, please contact the Health Center at (617) 521-1020.

Mark your calendars-Rhonda Seegal, Simmons ’92, VP and Treasurer of Xerox Corp will be on campus Thursday, October 29, 2009

From Communications/Spanish BA to Corporate Treasurer

3:30 – 4:30 P.M

School of Management Building, Room M501

A Simmons graduate chronicles her career journey from majoring in Communications and Spanish to landing corporate finance roles in Fortune 500 Corporations: Perkin-Elmer, General Electric, Avaya, and now Xerox.

Managing in Stormy Financial Seas

5:00 – 6:00 P.M.

School of Management Building, Room M501

A VP and Corporate Treasurer of a Fortune 500 company discusses the challenges of navigating through turbulent financial markets and a credit crunch (Reception to follow).

Academic Year Travel Courses for MBA Students

We will again offer two different travel courses this year and the deadline for applying is Oct 30, with a deposit of $1000.   The rest of the funds are due by Nov 6. 

Spring 2010 to India: Travel during Winter Break, January 2-17 and will focus on Sustainable Business and will be led by Professor Vipin Gupta.
Spring 2010 to the UAE: Travel during Spring Break, March 5-14. The UAE trip will focus on Women’s Leadership, led by Professor Lynda Moore.

Travel costs all inclusive (airfare, visa, ground transportation, meals, double shared lodging, excursions) are $3,200. Tuition costs are additional.

Each course is 3 credits, and there will be some prework in advance of travel. Students will visit local universities and businesses, and meet local scholars and business executives.

Contact the faculty for further information.  Contact the MBA office or the Director- International Outreach, Professor Vipin Gupta at vipin.gupta@simmons.edu for the application forms and further information.

Spring 2010 Travel Course Information

Spring 2010, MBA Travel Courses to India (January) and UAE (March)! Contact Prof. Vipin Gupta at vipin.gupta@simmons.edu for further information and  registration form.

1) GSM 547 - Sustainable Business in Emerging Markets (3 credits)

India - The Triangle (Mumbai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi)
January 2-17, 2010
Class dates: Sat, Nov 14, 2009 (3-6 pm),  Sat, Feb 27 2010 (3-6 pm)

Program Description
 Learn about India's sustainability challenges, political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, ecological, gender, fair trade.  We visit universities, businesses, micro sites, nonprofits, markets, restaurants, and cultural sites, in different States for a diversity of approaches to sustainability.  Participate in an international conference on gender and sustainability, and network with local students and experts.

Course highlights
Adventure: Experience the wonders of India from The 7th wonder Taj Mahal, to the elephant and camel rides, cultural villages, and ethnic dresses, meals, and festivals.
Basics: Transform how you think about India as you encounter her diversity, and debrief.
Case dialogues: Get inspired through live case dialogues of how women in India are at the forefront of sustainability, ecological, economic, and social.

Program price:  $3,200 (shared occupancy; single occupancy supplement: $500)
Price includes  International and domestic airfare, visa fees, lodging, meals, ground transportation, university and business visits, excursions, ethnic experiences

Faculty information: Prof. Vipin Gupta has done award-winning research on culture and leadership in India and other nations.   He is the author of a leading textbook on Strategy used in many colleges of India.    He has led a hugely popular travel course to India for the past 3 years.

2) GSM 590 - Cross-cultural Comparative Studies of Women leaders

UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)
Travel dates    March 4-15, 2010
Class: Sat, Feb 20 and 27, and April 10, 1-5 pm (meet in class), and Sat, Mar 27, 1-5 pm (work online).
Program Description     Learn about the culture and women leadership of UAE by participating in an international conference, live case studies, and cultural excursions.  Meet representatives from the women's association, chambers of commerce, government ministries, United Nations office, and/or US embassy office.  Interact with women students, expatriate faculty members, and businesswomen and entrepreneurs from for profit and non profit sectors.

Course highlights
Adventure: Experience the palaces, mosques, forts, museums, heritage villages, souqs, and dessert safari.
Basics:  Network with the women students from the local universities, and learn about their gender and leadership journeys and aspirations, and the role of families, universities, society, and the government
Case Studies:  Live case studies of the challenges, opportunities and pathways to leadership for women.

Program price   MBAs : $3,200 (double occupancy; single occupancy supplement: $500)+ tuition fee

Alums and non-MBA graduate students: $5000 including tuition fee (double occupancy; single occupancy supplement: $500)

Price includes  International airfare, visa fees, lodging, meals, ground transportation, university and business visits, excursions, ethnic experiences.   Personal expenses extra.

Faculty information
Prof. Lynda Moore has spent a year in UAE as a Fulbright scholar, working on a project on women leadership in UAE.  She has an established track record of successfully teaching and inspiring research on gender and diversity.  She has previously led a hugely popular travel course to UAE.

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News & Events

Room to Read Event

Room to Read Program

Beth Dunn and Stacy Blake-Beard Published in the Mentoring Institute Conference

Beth Dunn and Stacy Blake-Beard both had papers accepted to the University of New Mexico's Mentoring Institute Conference. They will be presenting our work in Albuquerque, NM in November.  Beth's paper is entitled "Congruence and complementarity: The role of deep- and surface-level salient identities in forming effective developmental networks" and Stacy's paper is "A Qualitative Study of the Mentoring Experiences of Female Indian MBA Students."

Lean Accounting Conference

Susan Murphy attended the Lean Accounting Conference in Orlando from Sept 21-23 with Susan after being granted a scholarship from the Institute of Management Accountants. They had a great time!

CGO Speaker Series

Topic: Workplace Flexibility in Its Interpersonal Context
Speaker: Spela Trefalt
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Place: The School of Management building at 300 The Fenway,

In order to deal with the prevalent work-nonwork conflict and its negative consequences, more and more organizations offer their employees formal and informal workplace flexibility, the ability to determine when, where, and for how long they work.

The 2009/10 Speakers Series is sponsored by
The TJX Companies, Inc.



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Career Services Updates

Company Visits

Commongood Careers
Date: Wednesday, October 28
Time: 4-5:45pm
Location: TBA
RSVP to georgette.arato@simmons.edu by October 20
Commongood Careers enables today's most innovative nonprofits to build strong organizations through the recruitment, retention, and development of outstanding talent. Founded by nonprofit professionals, Commongood Careers offers personalized, engaged services to jobseekers and organizations, as well as access to a wealth of information about careers in the social sector. Come learn more about Commongood Careers and get a personal review of your resume from one of their recruiters!


Access the latest chapter news, network with top female MBA professionals, career tips, events, and get the most up-to-date scoop on our first destination - NAWMBA conference at Disneyland, California- by joining us on LinkedIn!

Upcoming events 

Marketing Club Meeting
Date: Thursday, October 8
Time: 5-6pm
Location: M-221
RSVP requested but not required georgette.arato@simmons.edu

Women as Entrepreneurs, Women as Leaders
Date: Tuesday, October 13
Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Center for Women's Leadership, Babson College, 231 Forest Street, Babson Park, MA 02457
For more information visit: http://gitbabson.eventbrite.com/
A panel discussion on women as Founders, Leaders and Entrepreneurs in today's technology community. This event is free and will include both networking and lively discussion with fellow women in technology. So please join us for conversation, hors d'oeuvres and wonderful company.

Babson Entrepreneurship forum
Date: Friday, October 16
Time: 7am-6:30pm
Location: Babson College, 231 Forest Street, Babson Park, MA 02457-0310
For more information visit: http://www.babsonforum.com/2009/

Date: Wednesday, October 21
Time: 5:00–7:30pm
Location: L-025
Please RSVP: georgette.arato@simmons.edu  
Building a professional network is central to career development. LinkedIn exists to help you manage your professional network. Attend this workshop to learn how to register, create a profile, get connections, and build your network!


Public lectures by Rhonda L. Seegal
Vice President and Treasurer, Xerox Corporation
Date: Thursday, October 29
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Simmons College, Main Campus Building, Linda K. Paresky Conference Center
A Simmons graduate chronicles her career journey from majoring in Communications and Spanish to landing corporate finance roles in Fortune 500 Corporations: Perkin-Elmer, General Electric, Avaya, and now Xerox.


Managing in Stormy Financial Seas
Date: Thursday, October 29
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Location: School of Management Building, Room M501
A VP and Corporate Treasurer of a Fortune 500 company discusses the challenges of navigating through turbulent financial markets and a credit crunch. Reception to follow.


Reaching Out MBA 2009 www.reachingoutmba.org/dc08/  
October 15 - 18, at he Westin Peachtree in Atlanta, GA

MSCPA Fall Accounting Career Fair www.MSCPAonline.org/MSCPAcareerfairF09
October 21, Northeastern University, Curry Student Center, 2nd Floor Ballroom                        
NAWMBA www.mbawomen.org/site/Calendar/2084584999?view=Detail&id=100981
October 29-31, in Disneyland, Anaheim, CA ***early bird registration ends October 1
Boston’s NAACP Professional and Executive Diversity Job Fair www.psijobfair.com
October 20, 10am-3pm, at the Marriott Boston Copley Place, Boston, MA        
WITI’s (Women in Technology International) Virtual Social Media Summit www.witi.com
November 2-6, On the Web! It is a virtual conference

2009 Net Impact North America Conference www.netimpact.org
November 13-15, in Philadelphia, PA

COF Green Networking & Careers Fair
November 19, 1- 4pm, at the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center, Simmons College

CFN Boston Career Forum http://www.careerforum.net/event/?lang=E
(For Japanese-English bilingual jobseekers)
November 20-22, Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, MA


The Career Services Office (CSO) is pleased to introduce our new Talent Acquisition Executive-In-Residence (TAEIR) program. This innovative program will provide an opportunity for SOM students to benefit from the TAEIR’s expertise in sourcing, evaluating and hiring candidates in today’s competitive marketplace. Our goal is to leverage this “inside knowledge” to help our students stand out as top candidates for the career opportunity they aspire to secure.

We are proud to introduce Lauri Rich as our first-ever Talent Acquisition Executive-In-Residence. Lauri has extensive Human Resources experience, with over 20 years in the field. Beginning in September, Lauri will be available approximately 15 hours per month. To schedule an appointment, please contact Lauri directly at lauri.rich@verizon.net


Recent Posting -
~ Assistant Director for Student Services for PhD Program  - Boston College
~ Research Associate  - Sapient Corporation
~ Director of Marketing & Customer Experience - Medical Sales Management
~ Director, Brand Portfolio, Store Brands - CVS Pharmacy
~ Intranet Communication Specialist - Kelly Financial Resources

Visit Career Connect for all the latest internship and job posts.  
As a reminder, please keep your Career Connect profile up to date. If you forgot your username and password, please contact georgette.arato@simmons.edu. Please do not re-register yourself as past information about you will be lost.


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Library Updates

Columbus Day Weekend Hours for Beatley Library:

Saturday, October 10 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Sunday, October 11 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm

Monday, October 12 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Tuesday, October 13 7:30 am - 11:00 pm

Simmons ID Required for Building Access After 8:30 p.m.

Research Paper Clinics:

Wednesdays at 2pm in L-225 Every Wednesday in L-225, the Library and Writing Center provide individual assistance with any stage of the research or writing process. These drop-in research clinics, have both a Writing Center tutor and a Reference Librarian available to help students find books, articles, and high-quality websites on their topic; search electronic databases; evaluate the quality of their information sources; organize paragraphs; convey ideas clearly; use APA, MLA, or other documentation styles; avoid plagiarism.

No appointment necessary - students can drop by with a few quick questions, or stay longer for more extensive help.

Library Hours:
# Beatley Library & Information Commons:
September 1st - December 9th

   * Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-11:00pm
   * Friday: 7:30am - 8:00pm
   * Saturday: 8:00am - 8:00pm
   * Sunday: 10:00am - 11:00pm

Library Group Study Rooms- The Library has many study rooms available for you to use for project work and group study time. To book a room, use the online system at: http://library.simmons.edu/search~/?searchtype=X&searcharg=group+study+rooms&SORT=R
You can also find this link on the Library web site at simmons.edu/library.

Course Reserve Materials: Books and other materials which are on reserve for a class can be found at the Circulation Desk. You can search for reserve materials under the instructor's name or the course number. To get to the course reserves page, go to: http://library.simmons.edu/search/r

Need Help from a librarian?? You can reach Linda Schuller, the SOM Librarian, at x2767 or via email. Librarians are available to help you at the Reference Desk in the Beatley Library. Please stop by!

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Technology Updates

Greetings SOM Students!

On behalf of Technology at Simmons, welcome to the Main Campus!  Technology is here to help you have a smooth semester start as you settle in to your new space!

  • For other tip sheets and descriptions of technology resources visit my.simmons.edu/technology/students  We even have some podcasts on iTunes U.
  • Need help with your computer?  Sign up for a Technology Self Help Clinic by calling (617-521.-2222) or emailing helpdesk@simmons.edu.
  • Media Services has a variety of equipment is available for you to borrow including laptops and cameras: my.simmons.edu/services/technology/media
  • The Technology Desk on the 1st floor of the Beatley Library Information Commons is staffed with Simmons students eager to help you use the computers and study rooms available to you throughout the Library. This includes the Media Viewing and Listening Room, where you may watch or listen to DVDs, VHS tapes, and broadcasts.
  • At the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor you may borrow, among other items, a laptop that has the Bloomberg application on it.
  • Do you wish to enhance your software skills?  Go to ptrc.simmons.edu for a course catalog and to sign up for a workshop.

In addition to all of the resources around campus, the new SOM building has computing spaces available to you.

  • The MBA Resource Room on the 1st floor houses six computers and both a black/white and color pay-for-print printer.  Two of the computers are Macs that run Windows Vista or Mac OS X Leopard.
  • The MBA Living Room on the 2nd floor contains two Express Web Stations. 
  • There are also seven study rooms, all of which include a computer.  In addition, M205 and M230 include the following:
  • Large screen LCD monitor
  • Auxiliary audio and video inputs (e.g. for laptop)
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Audio/video recording (beta service: requires prior training)

Stay tuned for additional information about the College, including Technology’s services and resources by reading the MySimmons announcements on a regular basis. 

We are happy to assist you, so please let us know what we can do to help you get acclimated to the Main Campus.

- Technology at Simmons


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