April 9th, 2009



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The mission of the Simmons School of Management is to educate women for power and principled leadership. We are committed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in management through excellence in education and research. Our academic programs offer rigorous, applied, management education designed for women. We focus on leadership, and our programs integrate the strategic, functional, and behavioral aspects of management. SOM students gain the knowledge, analytical skills, and confidence that they need to manage successfully in dynamic and global environments. We are invested in our students’ success and support them as they launch, advance, and change their careers.

New Information This Week

Note from Mary D

Sports Analogy for the Week

Quote of the Week

Schedule Reminders for Next Week

Summer Schedule Updates

Leadership Conference

Call for Papers: The Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award

REGISTER NOW: 1st Annual Babson College MBA Marketing Case Competition

Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Kindle

Simmons School of Management's Leading Women Entrepreneur Series Presents Vidula Sukhatme, Award Winning Founder of GlobalCures Inc.


MBA Office Updates

Note from Mary D.

Next week will mark the beginning of week 12 in the spring term and the Red Sox have started to play which means spring is officially here! If you celebrate either Passover or Easter, enjoy the traditions of these holidays with your friends and family. You are headed now into the back stretch of the term. There are major deliverables on the horizon in just about every class, plus you need to prep for every class, and you have all your other work/family/life challenges as well. My best advice is plan out your time as best you can, take it one day at a time, and stay focused on the things that matter. Don’t redo an econ, finance or accounting problem 10 times if you got it right the first and second time and continue to prep for class. Not prepping for class will come back to haunt you at a later date and may result in a string of cold calls from faculty and that tends not to be a comfortable moment for some of you!

Sports Analogy for the Week

In the end of March Madness, it was the two teams that were the best in the country that won. UConn women went undefeated for the whole season and UNC really crushed Michigan State. But, what is interesting is watching them showed they did not take anything for granted. Teammates and coaches were encouraging and pushing them to be their best all the time. They worked as hard in the first game as they did in the championship game, they never let up. You are at that point in your semester where you cannot let up, too much is at stake for your learning and your future. Use these teams and coaches as role models for the importance of being prepared for anything, working hard and never letting up. Now comes the Masters, which as a golfer, is my favorite tournament of the year!!

Quote of the Week

“When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”-- Franklin Roosevelt


Schedule Reminders for Next Week

No GSM 421: Managerial Accounting A on Wednesday, April 15.

Summer Schedule Updates

GSM 420B: Financial Reporting and Analysis will add a class on Monday, June 22 and eliminate the Saturday class, June 13 from 9am-12pm.

Leadership Conference

An email has gone to all volunteers. If someone thinks they were missed in error you can email Ali Corvino at ahcorvino@comcast.net.

Call for Papers: The Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award 

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is sponsoring the annual Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award to recognize outstanding unpublished papers by undergraduate and graduate students.  The award is named in honor of the distinguished scholar and former Chief Executive Officer of CCL.  The winner of this award will receive a prize of $1,500 and a trip to CCL to present the paper in a colloquium.  (To review previous 1st place papers, visit our website at: www.ccl.org and click on the Faculty & Research tab.)

Submissions may be either empirically or conceptually based.  Multi-disciplinary approaches to research are welcomed.  The paper should focus on some aspect of leadership or leadership development.

Submissions will be judged by the following criteria:

(1)      The degree to which the paper addresses issues and trends that are significant to the study of leadership;

(2)      The extent to which the paper shows consideration of the relevant theoretical and empirical literature;

(3)      The extent to which the paper makes a conceptual or empirical contribution;

(4)      The implications of the research for application to leadership identification and development.

Papers must be authored and submitted only by graduate (must have graduated within one year of submission due date) or by undergraduate students.  CCL staff and submissions to other CCL awards are ineligible.  Entrants must provide a letter from a faculty member certifying that a student wrote the paper.  Entrants should submit four copies of an article‑length paper.  Electronic submissions will not be accepted.  The name of the author(s) should appear only on the title page of the paper.  The title page should also show the authors' affiliations, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers.

Papers will be reviewed anonymously by a panel of researchers associated with CCL.  Papers are limited to 30 double‑spaced pages, excluding title page, abstract, figures, tables, and references.  Papers above this limit that are not completely doubled spaced may not be eligible for the Award and may be returned to authors unreviewed.  Papers should be prepared according to current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

In the absence of papers deemed deserving of the award, the award may be withheld.  Entries (accompanied by faculty letters) must be received by Friday, October 9, 2009.  The winning paper will be announced by January 8, 2010.  Entries should be submitted to:

                David Altman, Ph.D.

                Executive Vice President

                Research, Innovation and Product Development

                Center for Creative Leadership

                One Leadership Place

                P.O. Box 26300

                Greensboro, N.C. 27438‑6300

AACSB Vote is Official

AACSB has officially voted to give the SOM accreditation status as of this week! With only 30% of the business schools in the US have earned and maintained this accreditation, it is great to now be officially part of this elite group!  In the team’s report to the Dean, not only did we meet or exceed all 21 quality standards, but the review team gave us numerous commendations and identified 12 “Best Practices” which will be shared with other AACSB business schools.  In their summary assessment, the review team said, “We were overwhelmed with the top-to-bottom high quality exhibited by the faculty and students and were impressed with how the mission was lived every day throughout the curriculum and practices.”  The team noted, “The loyalty, involvement and enthusiasm of all stakeholders in and affiliated with the institution is commendable.” The team also called out our assessment of learning process as "exemplary." The support of the President and of the Board were also noted as a strength as was the quality of the SOM strategic plan.

Track Meeting

With the change in the double accounting class, the track meeting has been moved to Monday, April 13 at noon!

Scheduling Reminders- January 2009 Entry Class

We are advising all students in the 2.5 and 3.5 tracks that entered in January to take Financial Accounting and QA and hold BGGE to next summer. Part two is to take QA on Wednesday nights to balance the sections.

Fall Elective Addition

Consultative Sales Management, 2 cr, Saturday mornings, 10-1pm, taught by Maurice Gervais, no pre-req’s, Starting October 3 for 9 weeks.

Entrepreneurship Dates for Summer 2009

Practicum dates: 10am-4:30pm on Thursday, June 4 and July 30.

Managing High Growth Firm: Thursday-Sunday, June 4-June 7 and July 30-August 2

Kate Hutchinson Was Featured in TWO Marie Claire Articles

Kate Hutchinson was asked by Marie Claire magazine to be a Career and Money "expert" for a couple of the magazine's blogs, answering readers' questions. Here are the links:



Undergraduate Students Looking for Feedback on Their Senior Project Idea

We have some seniors finishing off their capstone project in UG Management. They are looking for customer data on their product and I told them MBA students also do these kinds of projects and know how important it is to get prospective customer data!! Please take the time to fill it out for them!


Technology Survey

Technology at Simmons would like to know how satisfied you are with the resources Simmons provides you. We look closely at all of the responses, and as a result often make changes to our services/resources. Based on your recommendations from last spring's survey, we increased the email and file server quotas, and installed Express Print stations in the Library Information Commons, and double-sided printing in several public computer labs.

* It’s easy: take the on-line survey at my.simmons.edu/techsurvey
* It’s quick: the survey takes fewer than 5 minutes to complete
* It’s important: the information you provide helps us improve our services

Plus, you might be one of almost 40 prize winners:

* Microsoft Office Professional 2007 for home installation
* $50 Barnes & Noble gift certificate: can be used at Simmons bookstore
* Technology at Simmons USB flash drive
* 100 free print-outs
* and more!

For the complete list of prizes, go to my.simmons.edu/techsurvey!

Thank you for your participation, and good luck!

-Technology at Simmons

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News & Events


REGISTER NOW: 1st Annual Babson College MBA Marketing Case Competition

The F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business will hold its inaugural MBA Marketing Case Competition on April 17-18 2009.

This competition is an opportunity for first year MBA students to apply entrepreneurial thinking to real marketing issues.  



To register, please follow the directions on the registration page. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Focus of the Competition

Marketing and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand. The intention of this case competition is to reinforce the link between these two disciplines as we bring together first year students from top MBA programs to solve real marketing issues.


We are proud to announce that  this year’s case sponsor is Ocean Spray.

Other primary sponsors include Procter and Gamble and Dunkin' Donuts. Students will have the opportunity to network with representatives from sponsor companies.


Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third prize winners. First prize is $3000.

If you have any questions regarding this unique event please feel free to contact any of the committee members at the emails below.  We look forward to your participation in April!

Best regards,

Julie, Patrizia, Sarah & Dave

Babson Marketing Case Competition Committee

Where Entrepreneurship and Marketing Meet

Patrizia Damiani: pdamiani1@babson.edu

Julie Fabbrucci: jfabbrucci1@babson.edu

Sarah Carroll: scarroll3@babson.edu

David Osgood: dosgood1@babson.edu

Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Kindle

Help your women friends and colleagues achieve their leadership potential. Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education today and you will be entered to win a Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, one of Simmons Leadership Development programs, or Professor Deborah Kolb’s book: Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success.

Refer a friend today!


Simmons School of Management's Leading Women Entrepreneur Series Presents Vidula Sukhatme, Award Winning Founder of GlobalCures Inc.

Monday, April 27, 2009, 6:00pm to 7:30pm in Room 501-502

Join us for an inspiring discussion with Vidula Sukhatme, founder of GlobalCures Inc, a nonprofit designed to bring alternative drug therapies to cancer patients. After her friend died of breast cancer, Sukhatme, trained as an epidemiologist, saw the enormous gap between what happening in basic scientific research and what was available in the market. Her organization is leading the worldwide effort to research therapies that have sustantial scientifc merit but for a variety of reasons are not being developed by other organizations, including the for-profit pharmaceutical companies.

Ms. Sukhatme is Simmons School of Management’s 2009 Social Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

RSVP Today


Marie Marvanova, Political Activist, is Coming to the SOM

SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday, May 6, 4:45-5:45,  Simmons School of Management (room to be announced)

Please join us in meeting Marie Marvanova, political and gender activist from the Czech Republic. Marie will share with us:

· her own story becoming a leader in the banking sector during and after Socialism, navigating the upheavals in the cultural and political landscape

· her political activism, including an unsuccessful launch of a Czech Women’s Party to successfully establishing  two NGOs focused on gender-equity

· her current project, “Be Elected or Be Neglected,” focused on bringing women into Czech politics.

Come, learn about gender and women’s leadership in a country that continues to see monumental changes, and share with Marie your own response to her question: “Our democracy and the fight for gender equity are very young.  What do we need to know?  What mistakes can we avoid by learning from your own experiences and research?”

SAVE THE DATE! – May 3rd Building Opening and Dedication

Please join President Helen Drinan and Dean Deborah Merrill-Sands to celebrate the opening of the School of Management and Academic Building on Sunday, May 3rd from 10:00am-12:30pm.  Come enjoy the company of fellow students and staff, faculty, and alumnae as we celebrate the new building with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.

To register for the event, please call 800-246-0573 by April 17th

Ignite Change

Date:       Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time:       6:00pm - 9:00pm

Where:    Hult International Business School,
1 Education St Cambridge MA

Register @ www.democampboston.org

IgniteChange is a forum for the community to share their ideas on how to apply innovation and creativity to solve social issues currently impacting both our local and global communities.  The socially-focused, sustainable  enterprises may be non-profit,  for-profit, or somewhere in between. Presenters can focus on any subject area, such as energy, the environment, health, or technology 

IgniteChange is made up of two important parts:

     1.      The presentations from those in the community

     2.      Connecting people with each other

How it works

IgniteChange will follow the 5x5 format. Presenters will have 5 mins to present   (5 minutes - max 20 slides which will rotate automatically at equal intervals (ie. 10 slides 30 sec/slide; 20 slide = 15 sec/slide) followed by5 minutes for questions from the audience.

Please visit our website for more details.


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Career Services Updates


Did you know ABOUT THE printable resources on THE CSO website ?

Want to give your resume a facelift? Check out these resources from the CSO: 
Resume Template , Resume Bullets , Resume Verbs , & Positioning Statements

For more resources visit the CSO Website at my.simmons.edu/som/career/resources.shtml


3rd Annual SOMAA Speaker Series
A two-part series to discuss the current "State of the Economy," and an industry panel discussion and networking event on "Where are the Jobs?"

Part Two: Where Are The Jobs?
Tuesday, April 14
Time: 5:30 - 8:30 pm
Location: M-501, Executive Education Conference Room
Fees: If you are interested please contact CSO as soon as possible
Register for the event at alumnet.simmons.edu.
Contact: Office of Alumnae/i Relations at 800-246-0573 or alumnet@simmons.edu

For those of you thinking about career advancement and/or a career transition, don't miss this opportunity to interact with panelists representing healthcare, green technology, and other high growth industries for a discussion on trends, as well as the expertise and skills needed to compete in today's changing environment.

Date: Monday, April 27
Time: 3-5:45pm
Location: M-222

Boston Women in Finance 2009 Entrepreneur Panel
Date: Wednesday, April 29
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Location: Bingham McCutchen, 1 Federal Street, 13th Floor, Boston, MA 02110
Fee:   Members - $10 / Students & Affiliates - $15 / Non-Members - $20
Entrepreneurs will discuss how their companies have evolved and the special challenges they have faced as women in business. For more information visit http://www.acteva.com/booking.cfm?bevaid=180147


Check out Mark’s Guide  & MeetUp



Boston Healthcare Career Fair
Monday, April 13, 11am-2pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
Register: www.nationalcareerfairs.com

The Digital Combine: the next-generation employer and talent showcase.
Tuesday, April 28, 12:30–4:30pm, at the Back Bay Events Center, Boston MA  
Register now at http://www.mitx.org

Massachusetts Society of CPAs Career Fair/Networking Expo
Wednesday, May 13, 3:30-5pm, at The Colonnade Hotel, Boston
For more information visit secure.mscpaonline.org

Boston Career Fair
Monday, May 18, 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
Register: www.nationalcareerfairs.com
June 26-27, at the NYU Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, New York City
Register: www.fortefoundation.org
Boston Career Fair
Monday, July 20 - 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
Register: www.nationalcareerfairs.com
2009 ALPFA National Convention
August 8 - 12, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
Register: http://www.alpfaboston.org/events.html

CSO Career Expo
September 10, at the Linda Paresky Center, Simmons College, Boston, MA

1st Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Fair         
September 10-12, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City
Register: www.asianmba.org



Recent Job Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Outreach Coordinator (Boston) - YWCA-Boston
~ Editor, Corporate Governance - The Conference Board
~  Executive Director - the Phyllis & Jerome Lyle Rappaport Charitable Foundation
~ Financial Administrator - Children’s HealthWatch
~ Financial Specialist - Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Recent Internship Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Clinton Foundation Internship Program - The William J. Clinton Foundation
~ Online Marketing - Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay 
~ Program services Department - Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay
~ Human Resources - Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay
~ Annual Giving Fundraising - Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay
~ Special Event Fundraising - Big Brothers of Massachusetts Bay 
~ MBA Intern – US Marketing Transplant / Oncology - Genzyme
As a reminder, please keep your Career Connect profile up to date. If you forgot your username and password, please contact georgette.jover@simmons.edu or 617-521-3857. Please do not re-register yourself as past information about you will be lost.


Winners and Losers in the Defense Plan
Obama's Defense Secretary is proposing some major changes in Pentagon spending plans—but it was no "bloody Monday" for defense contractors

Do You Pass the Social Media Recruitment Test?
With the emergence of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and their user bases growing by the millions, one would think that a headhunter’s job just got much easier.


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Library Updates

Research Assistance

Need help figuring out the best database to find articles? Problems finding what demographic is the biggest consumer of ham products? Contact the librarians and set up a time when we can help you! Linda Schuller Wolf, the SOM Librarian, is at linda.wolf@simmons.edu or 617-521-3851.



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Technology Updates

Greetings SOM Students!

On behalf of Technology at Simmons, welcome to the Main Campus!  Technology is here to help you have a smooth semester start as you settle in to your new space!

  • For other tip sheets and descriptions of technology resources visit my.simmons.edu/technology/students  We even have some podcasts on iTunes U.
  • Need help with your computer?  Sign up for a Technology Self Help Clinic by calling (617-521.-2222) or emailing helpdesk@simmons.edu.
  • Media Services has a variety of equipment is available for you to borrow including laptops and cameras: my.simmons.edu/services/technology/media
  • The Technology Desk on the 1st floor of the Beatley Library Information Commons is staffed with Simmons students eager to help you use the computers and study rooms available to you throughout the Library. This includes the Media Viewing and Listening Room, where you may watch or listen to DVDs, VHS tapes, and broadcasts.
  • At the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor you may borrow, among other items, a laptop that has the Bloomberg application on it.
  • Do you wish to enhance your software skills?  Go to ptrc.simmons.edu for a course catalog and to sign up for a workshop.

In addition to all of the resources around campus, the new SOM building has computing spaces available to you.

  • The MBA Resource Room on the 1st floor houses six computers and both a black/white and color pay-for-print printer.  Two of the computers are Macs that run Windows Vista or Mac OS X Leopard.
  • The MBA Living Room on the 2nd floor contains two Express Web Stations. 
  • There are also seven study rooms, all of which include a computer.  In addition, M205 and M230 include the following:
  • Large screen LCD monitor
  • Auxiliary audio and video inputs (e.g. for laptop)
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Audio/video recording (beta service: requires prior training)

Stay tuned for additional information about the College, including Technology’s services and resources by reading the MySimmons announcements on a regular basis. 

We are happy to assist you, so please let us know what we can do to help you get acclimated to the Main Campus.

- Technology at Simmons


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