April 30th, 2009



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The mission of the Simmons School of Management is to educate women for power and principled leadership. We are committed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in management through excellence in education and research. Our academic programs offer rigorous, applied, management education designed for women. We focus on leadership, and our programs integrate the strategic, functional, and behavioral aspects of management. SOM students gain the knowledge, analytical skills, and confidence that they need to manage successfully in dynamic and global environments. We are invested in our students’ success and support them as they launch, advance, and change their careers.

New Information This Week

Note from Mary D

Note For All the Sports Nuts

Quotes of the Week

Academic Programs Office Hours for Friday, May 1st

SOM Awarded LEED Gold Certification

Associate Dean Deborah Marlino Wins Major Simmons College Award

Special Opportunity for August 2009 Graduates

CGO Speaker Series Events Coming Up!

MBA Office Updates

Note from Mary D.

You are almost there-two weeks to go! I attended the first round of the Marketing plan presentations on Tuesday and just love to watch you all in action. It is so clear to me how much you have learned and how much work went into prepping for them. That was also true for the BGGE presentations last week! Tech and Ops had their final last night, so we are beginning to see the light at the end of the semester!! You have two weeks to go, and then some of you off to China and the rest of you on break. The weather has turned, and life is good!

Note For All the Sports Nuts

It is hard not to watch the Celtics/Bulls games and be thrilled with the overtime drama. Two different teams that are similar in their confidence that they can win, right up until the horn goes off for the end of the game. There have been momentum streaks, different moments where energy vs experience shines, and tons of pressure. The analogy is that your semester is not over until your last final is done and in. There will be momentum bursts when presentations are done, there will be moments such as many of you felt coming out of the Accounting exam a few weeks ago where you hit a low, and for all of you, the pressure is on now as you head into finals. Stay focused and maintain your confidence that you can do it, you have worked hard to get to this point and you will come out successfully!

Quotes of the Week

“Just make up your mind at the very outset that your work is going to stand for quality... that you are going to stamp a superior quality upon everything that goes out of your hands, that whatever you do shall bear the hallmark of excellence.” -- Orrison Swett Marden

“Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.”-- Lao Tzu


Academic Programs Office Hours for Friday, May 1st

The Academic Programs Office will not be open tomorrow, May 1st, due to the Leadership Conference. The staff members will be at the World Trade Center setting up for the event.

SOM Awarded LEED Gold Certification

As many of you know, getting LEED certification was part of the SOM plans for our new building and we were aiming for Silver certification. The decision came back this week and we were awarded Gold certification, which is a higher ranking and very exciting!

Associate Dean Deborah Marlino Wins Major Simmons College Award

The SOM faculty nominated Associate Dean Deb Marlino for the annual Priscilla McKee Service Award for everything she did over the last 10 years for the AACSB accreditation and she won!! Her legacy will always include AACSB accreditation, but she also managed this process through 3 presidents, 2 deans, multiple changes in faculty and staff and 2 different sets of accreditation standards. Someone should interview her next year in Spela’s class on Leading Organizational Change!

Special Opportunity for August 2009 Graduates

Six Months of Complimentary Leadership Coaching with Ariane Cherbuliez, SOM '94 

Ariane has been a coach for 10 years and is offering a gift of six months of leadership coaching to two SOM students. This is not career counseling for those wondering what field to move to, nor is it job search strategy. Rather, it is for those who know where they are heading and want support to evolve into the leader they envision themselves becoming.

Together with Ariane, you will discover and create your journey on the path of the five practices of the Leadership Challenge. This work will be a combination of self-discovery, committed action, and learning from results - both success and failure. You will design your working relationship with Ariane to bring out the best in you, with a combination of safety and challenge to make change not only possible, but compelling.

While the context of your work together will be your development as a leader, it is expected that you will include other areas of your life, as relevant, knowing that your life is not compartmentalized. This work will be completely confidential and is solely for your benefit.

To learn more about Ariane, see her website: www.coachariane.com.

The Process

How:  To be considered for this gift, please email your name, title, company and contact information along with how you hope to benefit from this coaching experience no later than May 4th to Ariane at coachariane@sprynet.com.   From the list of applications, Ariane will determine the 2 SOM students who best align with her expertise.   A wait list will be created to offer the gift to another student In the event these first 2 students are unable to accept her invitation.  Ariane welcomes questions during the application process. Feel very free to call her at 617-864-1137.

Who Will Benefit? - Those who are currently working, anticipating graduation in August. Women who are planning to stay in their organization or advance in the same field they currently work in, looking to discover and create their path on the Leadership Challenge.   Those who have recently received or anticipate a promotion are particularly suited. 

When: First conversation to occur between May 18-29. Work will complete in October. 

Where: First meeting will be here at the SOM. Subsequent sessions will take place by phone or in person, as mutually agreed upon.

Fall Registration

AARC opened on Friday, April 24th. The registration materials can be found on the SOM Gateway: http://my.simmons.edu/som/courses/registration.shtml

*Please be sure to use the course synopsis when planning your schedule as the dates are more detailed than in AARC*

If you have any questions or concerns about registration please contact Paula at paula.bent@simmons.edu.

Change in Pre-Requisites Approved by the Curriculum Committee

In last week’s meeting, the Curriculum Committee formally lifted the pre-requisite of GSM 465: Leading Organizational change off of GSM 470: Negotiations. Any student that has completed GSM 455: Leading Individuals and Groups is now eligible to take it.

Fall Schedule Update: Correction from Last Week's MBA Update

Last week we incorrectly stated that the Consultative Sales elective was on Thursdays. It is on Saturdays, from 10-1pm with no pre-requisites.

Track Changes for Next Fall

Career Strategies will switch its locations within the tracks of study and move to a Fall day section and a Spring night section. It will not conflict with any of your required courses! Managerial Accounting has added a fall section. There are other minor track changes coming, but we will outline them in a later email!

CSR Panel -- Corrected time and date

The CSR panel is Monday, July 20, from 5:30pm-7:30pm. It was listed incorrectly in the synopsis.

Review Sessions for GSM 421, Managerial Accounting

The following review sessions have been scheduled for Managerial Accounting:

  • Wednesday, April 29, from 11-45am - 12:45pm in Room M222
  • Monday, May 4, from 4:45pm - 5:45pm in Room M223

Weight Watchers Registration/Information Session: May 19, 11:30am, M202

Weight Watchers will be holding an Information/Registration Meeting on May 19th, 2009 in M202 from 11:30am-12:15pm for those members of the Simmons employee and student communities who are interested in getting involved.

For more information, please contact Carolyn Bogle at boglec@simmons.edu or 617-521-3827.

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News & Events

CGO Speaker Series Events Coming Up!

This lecture series highlights new, cutting-edge research that is relevant to CGO’s work. Each lecture will link theory and practice by offering an opportunity to discuss practical implications of the findings and apply them to our own situation.

CGO Distinguished Scholar Speaker Series, “How to Make Change: Lessons Learned from a Seven-Year Experiment”
Speakers: Shifra Bronznick and Didi Goldenhar
Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Time: 4:30 – 6:30pm
Location: Simmons School of Management, 300 the Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 – Case Room M222
*Parking: Underground parking is available on site for $9 after validation. Validation coupons will be made available at the event. Access to the parking garage is available via Louis Pasteur Ave
Gender equity interventions begin with an honest assessment of current conditions followed by customized strategies for change.  Shifra Bronznick and Didi Goldenhar, co-authors (with Marty Linsky) of Leveling the Playing Field: Advancing Women in Jewish Organizational Life, will discuss the experience of leading this change process in the Jewish nonprofit sector where the gender gap in leadership is more pronounced than in other fields. As change management experts, they will discuss how they incorporated a number of different change perspectives, including the CGO framework for gender equity (Kolb, Fletcher, Meyerson, Merrill Sands, and Ely, 1998) and Collaborative Interactive Action Research (Rapoport, Bailyn, Fletcher and Pruitt, 2000) to accelerate progress in a challenging environment.  They will give an overview of their approach, describe some of their unique initiatives and reflect on successes and obstacles along the way. Finally they will summarize the key lessons learned from this seven year initiative and lead us in a discussion of how to apply these lessons to our own organizations and institutions.

Shifra Bronznick is a consultant who specializes in creating new initiatives and helping not-for-profit organizations navigate change. Shifra is the founding President of Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community, and the co-author with Didi Goldenhar and Marty Linsky of the book, “Leveling the Playing Field.”  The leadership strategist to the White House Project virtually since its inception, Shifra designed their National Women’s Leadership Summits and a new initiative “Women Rule,” a groundbreaking program launched in partnership with O, the Oprah magazine.  Shifra Bronznick is a senior fellow at the NYU Research Center for Leadership in Action at the Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service. Previously, Shifra served as Executive Vice-President of Swig, Weiler & Arnow Mgt. Co., Inc., one of the premier commercial real estate firms in New York.

Didi Goldenhar is a consultant for the nonprofit sector, focusing on leadership development and change initiatives in the areas of education reform, the environment, culture and women’s leadership. She serves as a senior consultant to Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community and is the co-author, with Shifra Bronznick and Marty Linsky of Leveling the Playing Field. She currently advises the NYC Leadership Academy, an innovative incubator to train principals in high-need NYC schools and is a member of the Leading Change Working Group, based at the Hauser Center for Nonprofits at Harvard University’s Kennedy School.
Please RSVP by emailing Kerri Kivolowitz at cgo@simmons.edu.

1. CGO Working Paper #22, “Transformational Learning in Women’s Leadership Development Training,” by Dr. Gelaye Debebe*
As the number of women in all job categories has increased, there has been corresponding interest in cultivating women’s leadership talent. Feminist scholars have suggested that to develop as leaders, women must recognize, question, and replace old mindsets and practices based on limiting, internalized, and gendered messages. This CGO Working Paper uses and extends ideas from the transformational learning literature to explore how this type of change is achieved among women in formal leadership training.
*Dr. Gelaye Debebe is Assistant Professor of Organizational Sciences at The George Washington University and Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Gender in Organizations at the Simmons School of Management. Her primary research is in the area of cross-cultural communicative competence and leadership development.

2. CGO Insights Briefing note #28, “Risky Business: Busting the Myth of Women as Risk Averse,” by Dr. Vipin Gupta, Dr. Sylvia Maxfield, Mary Shapiro, and Dr. Susan Hass**
**Authors are all on the faculty of the Simmons School of Management.
This CGO Insights asks the question, are women risk averse, or are there gendered dynamics that obfuscate or mislabel their risk-taking?  Based on a survey of over 650 managerial women present at the May 2008 Simmons School of Management Leadership Conference, this CGO Insightsbriefing note reports that women do in fact take risks, refuting conventional wisdom about risk aversion, and that their risk decision-making is sensitive to many gender-neutral factors. 
*Copies of working papers and Insights are available for purchase through the CGO e-bookstore.*

Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education for a chance to win a FREE Amazon Kindle

Help your women friends and colleagues achieve their leadership potential. Refer a friend to Simmons Executive Education today and you will be entered to win a Kindle, Amazon’s wireless reading device, one of Simmons Leadership Development programs, or Professor Deborah Kolb’s book: Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success.

Refer a friend today!


Marie Marvanova, Political Activist, is Coming to the SOM

SAVE THE DATE:  Wednesday, May 6, 4:45-5:45,  Simmons School of Management (room to be announced)

Please join us in meeting Marie Marvanova, political and gender activist from the Czech Republic. Marie will share with us:

  • her own story becoming a leader in the banking sector during and after Socialism, navigating the upheavals in the cultural and political landscape
  • her political activism, including an unsuccessful launch of a Czech Women’s Party to successfully establishing  two NGOs focused on gender-equity
  • her current project, “Be Elected or Be Neglected,” focused on bringing women into Czech politics.

Come, learn about gender and women’s leadership in a country that continues to see monumental changes, and share with Marie your own response to her question: “Our democracy and the fight for gender equity are very young.  What do we need to know?  What mistakes can we avoid by learning from your own experiences and research?”


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Career Services Updates


Yes it does! Scroll down on the home screen to see it. There you can find:

  1. Industry Overviews
  2. Market Trends Updates
  3. List of Career Fairs
  4. List of Job Boards
  5. Tips for Job Search, Interviews, Career Fairs... etc..
  6. Articles on Changing Career Paths
  7. Salary Negotiation and Research Information
  8. And much more!!! Resources are added frequently!

Is there a specific resource you would like us to add? Let us know! 
Email georgette.jover@simmons.edu


For up-to-date market and job related news, please visit the new Market Trends section of the Career Resource Library (CRL) website. This page is regularly updated with relevant stories and helpful sources. 


Check out Mark’s Guide  & MeetUp



Massachusetts Society of CPAs Career Fair/Networking Expo
Wednesday, May 13, 3:30-5pm, at The Colonnade Hotel, Boston
For more information visit secure.mscpaonline.org

Boston Career Fair
Monday, May 18, 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
Register: www.nationalcareerfairs.com
June 26-27, at the NYU Kimmel Center, 60 Washington Square South, New York City
Register: www.fortefoundation.org
Boston Career Fair
Monday, July 20 - 11am-3pm, at the Radisson Hotel, Boston, MA
Register: www.nationalcareerfairs.com
2009 ALPFA National Convention
August 8 - 12, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
Register: http://www.alpfaboston.org/events.html

CSO Career Expo
September 10, at the Linda Paresky Center, Simmons College, Boston, MA

1st Annual Asian MBA Leadership Conference & Career Fair
September 10-12, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City
Register: www.asianmba.org



Recent Job Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Manager, Marketing and Sales of Petroleum Analysis Services - ESAI
~ Practice Consultant / Project Specialist - MGH Institute of Health Professions 
~ President - Green Century Capital Management, Inc.
~ Financial Assistant II – MIT
~ Business Development - TPW Financial
~ Prescription Access & Quality Campaign Manager - Community Catalyst 
~ Business Consultant - Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
~ Manager of Finance and Administration - Project HEALTH

Recent Internship Postings – Visit Career Connect  
~ Marketing Analyst Intern - e-Dialog
~ Communications Intern - Screening for Mental Health
~ Graphic Design and Multimedia Internship- Harvard University
~ Game-Day Promotions Internship - Harvard University
~ Marketing and Promotions Internship - Harvard University
As a reminder, please keep your Career Connect profile up to date. If you forgot your username and password, please contact georgette.jover@simmons.edu. Please do not re-register yourself as past information about you will be lost.


Building Your Brand
It used to be enough to walk into a job search with an impressive résumé. If you were really enterprising, maybe you'd have a portfolio to showcase your best work. Now, though, people want a better way to stand out, and that has resulted in the very 21st-century concept of personal branding.

Increasingly, marketing isn't just one-way street
Some influential writers, ex-agency executives, and consultants in Boston are making the case that a major change in the way companies sell things is taking place - and that most businesses and their marketing partners aren't yet aware of it.

Job-Hunting Realities: What 'No' Really Means
Don't be demoralized when an employer turns you down. The reasons behind a rejection usually have more to do with the company than with you.


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Library Updates

Beatley Library Reading & Exam Period and Intersession Hours

Please see below for Beatley Library hours for the next few weeks:

Reading & Exam Period and Intersession Hours

Tuesday-Friday, May 5-8
7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 9
7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, May 10
12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.

Monday-Friday, May 11-15
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday-Sunday, May 16-17

Regular Summer Hours Begin
On May 18, at 8:00 a



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Technology Updates

Greetings SOM Students!

On behalf of Technology at Simmons, welcome to the Main Campus!  Technology is here to help you have a smooth semester start as you settle in to your new space!

  • For other tip sheets and descriptions of technology resources visit my.simmons.edu/technology/students  We even have some podcasts on iTunes U.
  • Need help with your computer?  Sign up for a Technology Self Help Clinic by calling (617-521.-2222) or emailing helpdesk@simmons.edu.
  • Media Services has a variety of equipment is available for you to borrow including laptops and cameras: my.simmons.edu/services/technology/media
  • The Technology Desk on the 1st floor of the Beatley Library Information Commons is staffed with Simmons students eager to help you use the computers and study rooms available to you throughout the Library. This includes the Media Viewing and Listening Room, where you may watch or listen to DVDs, VHS tapes, and broadcasts.
  • At the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor you may borrow, among other items, a laptop that has the Bloomberg application on it.
  • Do you wish to enhance your software skills?  Go to ptrc.simmons.edu for a course catalog and to sign up for a workshop.

In addition to all of the resources around campus, the new SOM building has computing spaces available to you.

  • The MBA Resource Room on the 1st floor houses six computers and both a black/white and color pay-for-print printer.  Two of the computers are Macs that run Windows Vista or Mac OS X Leopard.
  • The MBA Living Room on the 2nd floor contains two Express Web Stations. 
  • There are also seven study rooms, all of which include a computer.  In addition, M205 and M230 include the following:
  • Large screen LCD monitor
  • Auxiliary audio and video inputs (e.g. for laptop)
  • VCR/DVD player
  • Audio/video recording (beta service: requires prior training)

Stay tuned for additional information about the College, including Technology’s services and resources by reading the MySimmons announcements on a regular basis. 

We are happy to assist you, so please let us know what we can do to help you get acclimated to the Main Campus.

- Technology at Simmons


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