The Simmons Graduate School Catalog, otherwise known as the Simmons Student Handbook, is designed to provide you with information on programs, services, policies, and Simmons College tradition, which will assist you in your ability to navigate your way through the College in the years ahead.  

Please review the Student Handbook, and keep it handy as a resource should you have any questions or concerns about any practices or policies.  If you have any suggestions about information that should be included in future editions of this handbook, please submit your ideas to the Office of the Dean for Student Life in room C-211 in the College Building.

Note: Simmons College and its Graduate Schools make every effort to ensure that the information contained in their catalogues is accurate and complete. Occasionally, however, changes are made and mistakes are discovered after the catalogue has been placed online. Degree requirements may also change because of changes in curriculum, accreditation standards or legal requirements. If you have questions about a program, especially with regard to the course or training requirements for a particular degree, we encourage you to be in contact with the Dean of the School, the director of the program, or the chairman of the relevant department for definitive information.