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Simmons School of Management's Susan Vinnicombe Presents the best NED Award in the Not-For-Profit Catagory

On April 3rd Simmons School of Management's Susan Vinnicombe presented the best NED Award in the Not-For-Profit Catagory to Alice Maynard. The Awards acknowledge the role of a Non-Executive Director, Chairman or Trustee across any size of company/organisation, and across all business and not-for-profit sectors.The NED Awards were established in 2006, by Peel Hunt, to recognise those NEDs who have made a real contribution to the business and not-for-profit sectors, whose commitment and achievements helped the organisation grow.

Being on Hold

After I graduated with my undergraduate degree I was excited to be out in the "real world," but I always knew, in the back of my mind, that I would be going back for further education at some point.  I planned to work for a couple years, and then go back to school in my mid-twenties, when I had a better understanding of what I really wanted to get out of my graduate degree. I didn't expect that process to take 7 years.  

The "Why Simmons?" Series: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote part 1 of a series on why I chose to come to Simmons to get my MBA, and described the special community that exists here.  And now I'm back for part 2!  

You might already know that Simmons is ranked the #1 MBA for women by the Princeton Review.  Just this February, named Simmons one of the "Great MBA Program Options for Women" (take a peek here).  I love how these rankings help to capture and communicate what makes up that Simmons....well, special sauce.  But have you ever wondered what it really means for an MBA program to be a great opportunity for women, what that looks and feels like day-to-day?  Well, read on for my perspective as a student!

Learning Opportunities Outside of the Classroom

One great perk of academic life is access to speakers and events that can expand your own perspective and provide an opportunity to network with others. Simmons is especially great for providing these opportunities in both formal and informal settings. In the short time I've been at Simmons, I've attended a key note, lunch session, happy hour, and reception, just to name a few.

The "Why Simmons?" Series: Part 1

As a graduate assistant for the admissions team here at the School of Management, I speak with a lot of prospective students.  One of the questions I get asked most often is "why did you choose Simmons?" My next few blog posts will address this important question, so read on and stay tuned! I hope it helps you decide if Simmons is the right place for you.

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