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Healthcare Information Technology

Mary Finlay Professor: Mary Finlay

This course introduces students to the concepts and management activities related to information technology in health care organizations. The understanding of technology cannot only reside within an Information Systems division. It is critical that managers of every function understand key components of IT in order to be successful in today's health care delivery system. Included in the course are sessions dealing with kinds of information systems that are used, the way decisions are made about new system technologies and vendors, and how new systems are implemented. This course will be a blend between general IT concepts and practical problems facing health care organizations related to the acquisition, use, and management of information technology to assure the safe delivery of quality care in an affordable manner. Therefore, classes will be a combination of lecture (concepts) and case study discussions and student presentations (applied learning).

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Strategic Thinking and Analytical Decision Making

Mary Finlay Professor: Mary Finlay

Strategic Thinking and Analytical Decision Making equips students with the tools, techniques, and frameworks to think creatively, critically, analytically, and strategically to make managerial decisions that lead their firms toward value creation under conditions of competition and complexity. To be a strategic manager is to move with a goal or goals in mind, to integrate information across functional areas and organizations, to use and collect data, and to be cognizant and engaged with the past and the future, the big picture and the operational. Creative, critical, analytical, and strategic decision makers know how to recognize and categorize decision problems, how to represent the essential structure of the decision situation, how to discover multiple solutions creatively, and how to analyze solutions using tools based on decision theory. Decision makers need to be able to think effectively about the inputs into a decision analysis, about whether to trust the analysis, and about how to use the outputs to guide a firm's strategic actions. Managing uncertainty, turbulence, complexity, intense competition, and opportunities for innovation are all hallmarks of analytical decision making.

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