Robert F. Coulam

Senior Lecturer; Director, Research in Health Policy and Management

Phone: 617-521-2372
Office: M351


  • B.A. Harvard University
  • J.D. Harvard Law School
  • Ph.D. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University


Dr. Coulam has been an academic and researcher for almost 35 years. He was formerly a Principal at Abt Associates, where he managed large-scale research and evaluation projects on Medicare and Medicaid policy issues. He has been active in research efforts supporting recent federal initiatives to reform the Medicare program. Dr. Coulam's work has been published in Health Services Research, Health Affairs, Health Care Financing Review, Journal of Health Policy Politics and Law, and other health services research journals. At Simmons, his primary responsibilities are to enhance the program's research activities and funding and to teach courses in health policy, law, and economics. He also does work on international human rights, focused on issues of interrogation, morality, and terrorism.


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  • U.S. Agency for Health Care Quality and Research, U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (multiple awards), Harvard Law School, National Center for Health Care Leadership.