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Professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)


Applicants to the Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree should hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university or university abroad which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the home country. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required in both the overall GPA and prerequisites. Do not apply unless you have these minimum GPAs. The is an expectation that applicants have earned a B or better in each prerequisite course.

The following courses are required prior to application:

  • Biology * (one semester)
  • Chemistry * (two semesters)
  • Exercise Physiology (one semester)
  • Human Anatomy * (one semester)
  • Human Physiology * (one semester)
  • Physics * (two semesters)
  • Psychology(two semesters)
  • Statistics(one semester) 

* with labs

All courses should be equal to one semester in length. Thus, two quarters may be required to equal one semester


All courses must have been completed within ten years prior to the application deadline. These prerequisite courses must have been graded and may not have been completed on a pass/fail or audited basis. CLEP and AP (Advanced Placement) scores are not accepted in lieu of these courses. Combined courses in Anatomy and Physiology (A/P) are acceptable. Two semesters are required. 

Only two prerequisites can be outstanding for application eligibility. For example, if a student is completing  two prereqs in the fall semester or two prereqs in the following spring semester or one prereq in the fall and one prereq in the following spring, he/she is eligible to apply. If however, a student is taking more than two prereqs in the fall or spring terms,that person is ineligible to apply. As an illustration, if a student is taking Physics I in fall and Physics II in the following spring semester,he/she may apply. But, if the student also needs to complete exercise physiology, he/she is not eligible to apply.

A minimum of two prereqs may have been retaken once,regardless of grades earned and whether or not the course was re-taken at the same or different institution. Course titles may differ but if the content is the same, it is considered a repeat. For example, if a student took Chemistry I(Inorganic Chemistry content)and then took a course titled Inorganic Chemistry and repeated Anatomy,that is the limit in order to be able to apply. If this same student also re-took Physiology,he/she would not be able to apply.

Repeated or failed courses should be included in GPA calculations. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the prerequisite courses(with a B or better in each prereqs course) and an overall grade point average of 3.0 are required for application review. Students enrolled in quarter or trimester systems may need to complete/submit grades for multiple terms to equate to a semester. 

SNHS only considers courses completed at regionally accredited U.S. colleges or universities or at a post-secondary institution abroad that is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the home country.

If you want to know if a particular course will meet our admission requirements, call the Office of Admissions at the School of Nursing and  Health Sciences, 617-521-2605. Please provide the name and number of the course,where it was/will be offered and when. We will tell you if it is has been approved. If we need a course syllabus,we will inform you. If we need to review a syllabus, please allow 15 business days for an evaluation. Please do not request a review/approval the day before you register for a course as we will not be able to evaluate it on such short notice.

 If we need a syllabus, please complete and submit the required form below. An evaluation of a course cannot be completed until we receive this form.



If admitted, a student must submit official final transcript(s) for all courses taken at the time of application as soon as possible and before the end of June. Transcripts for students taking courses or graduating in May may not arrive at Simmons until July. Thus, to expedite enrollment, students should send a copy of their grade report or a statement on letterhead stationery from each professor indicating the grade earned. Final official transcripts will be required in order to finalize the admissions process.

At least 30 hours of  physical therapy experience is required. Students may be completing these required hours at the time of application but will need to provide verification to the Office of Admission before enrollment in the first PT course which begins in mid- June.

All candidates whose first language is not English, regardless of language of schooling or citizenship, must submit official scores of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) taken within the past two years. The required minimum TOEFL score is 570 (paper test), 230 (computer test), or 88 (internet test). TOEFL does not replace GRE. SNHS is unable to accept electronic scores at this time.

GRE scores taken within 5 years prior to the application deadline must also be submitted. SNHS is unable to accept electronic scores. All official paper score reports must be sent to the Office of Admission of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. For the former GRE scoring scheme, a 450 in verbal; 500 in quantitative and 4.0 in analytical writing are required. For the new GRE scoring requirements, a 150 in verbal; 144 in quantitative; 4.0 in analytical writing are required.

It is extremely important that applicants take either/both the GRE and TOEFL (if required) before October 1 to allow for time for SNHS to receive official standardized test scores as it takes 4 to 6 weeks for these materials to arrive at Simmons College.