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Professional Doctorate in Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)


 Post-bachelor's applications will be considered for entry to summer 2015. The application deadline has not yet been determined.  The application will be available later this year.

This page describes the requirements and procedures for applying to the D.P.T. program. If you have questions, please check the FAQs on the website first, and then feel free to email us at or call us at
617-521-2605. Note that our TOEFL and GRE code is 3761 and our FAFSA Code is 002208. Send any written communication to the School of Nursing and Health Sciences(SNHS). Please do not address materials to Admission Office,Simmons College, as there are six admission offices and your information may not reach us.

Requirements for the Doctorate in Physical Therapy

Applicants to the Doctorate in Physical Therapy degree should hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. college or university or university abroad which is recognized by the Ministry of Education in the home country.

The following courses are required prior to application:

  • Biology *
  • Chemistry *
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Anatomy *
  • Physiology *
  • Physics *
  • Psychology Statistics

* with labs

All courses must have been completed within ten years prior to the application deadline. These prerequisite courses must  have been graded and may not have been completed on a pass/fail basis or audited. CLEP and AP (Advanced Placement) scores are not accepted in lieu of these courses. Combined courses in Anatomy and Physiology (A/P) are acceptable. Two semesters are required.

Only two of the prerequisite courses may be outstanding during the 2013-'14 academic year. For example, if a student is completing two prereqs in the fall or spring term or one prereq in the fall term and one prereq in the following spring term, he/she is eligible to apply. If however, a student is taking more than two prereqs in the fall or spring terms, that person is ineligible to apply.

A minimum of two prereqs may have been retaken once,regardless of grades earned and whether or not the course was retaken at the same or different institution. Course titles may differ but if the content is the same, it is considered a repeat. For example, if a student took Chemistry I (Inorganic Chemistry content) and then took a course titled Inorganic Chemistry and repeated Anatomy,that person may apply. If this same student also retook Physiology, he/she would not be able to apply.

A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the prerequisite courses and an overall grade point average of 3.0 are required for application review. Students enrolled in quarter or trimester systems may need to complete/submit grades for multiple terms to equate to a semester. Individuals should not apply with GPAs less than 3.0 in either category.

If applicants have questions about whether a particular course meets our requirements, they should contact the Office of Admissions at the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, 617-521-2605. If admitted, the student must submit an official transcript for the missing courses as soon as possible and before the end of June. Transcripts for students taking courses or graduating in May may not arrive at Simmons until July. Thus, to expedite enrollment, students should send a copy of their grade reports or a statement on letterhead stationery from each professor indicating the grade earned. Final official transcripts will be required in order to finalize the admissions process. PTCAS requires official transcripts but does not forward these to institutions. Thus, if a student is accepted and plans to enroll at Simmons, copies of final official transcripts for all institutions attended must be received by SNHS before the first graduate PT course begins in late June.

At least 30 hours of physical therapy or physical rehab experience is required. Students may be completing these required hours at the time of application.

All candidates must submit official GRE scores. Please take the GRE no later than November 1 in order for SNHS to receive the official paper score by the application deadline date.SNHS is unable to accept electronic scores. Allow 4-6 weeks for official scores to arrive at Simmons.

All candidates whose first language is not English, regardless of language of schooling or citizenship, must submit official scores of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) taken within two years prior to the application deadline. The required minimum TOEFL score is 570 (paper test), 230 (computer test), or 88 (internet test). TOEFL does not replace GRE nor are any other English proficiency exams accepted. Official paper scores for both exams are required from ETS since the School of Nursing and Health Science is unable to accept electronic scores.

Application Procedure for the Doctorate in Physical Therapy

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences(SNHS) uses an electronic application .Submission of the electronic application is but one part of the process. All official transcripts, recommendations, and verification of observation hours and official test scores must be received at  the SNHS. Once you submit our electronic application, please  check the self-service portal to determine that all required application materials have been received. In particular, it is especially important that you provide us with your fall term's grades. Submit a copy of your grade report for the term directly to SNHS since an official transcript will not arrive until after our application deadline. This is of particular importance if you took prereq courses in the fall term.

We cannot guarantee that late applications will be accepted or reviewed.

International students should commence the application process at least six months in advance of the application deadline. Official transcripts providing proof of completion of all admission requirements will be necessary from all accepted and deposited students before enrolling in the program.

Admissions Decisions

Applicants will be selected for admission based on the strength of their application and interview, including pre-requisite science GPA, overall GPA, GRE scores, recommendations, personal statement, and healthcare experiences.

Campus Visits

Campus visits are encouraged for individuals interested in the program. At your request the PT Department will arrange for you to meet individually with faculty, attend a class, and meet current physical therapy students.

Prerequisite Course Registration

In some cases, when an applicant has many pre-requisite courses to complete, it is possible to register through the Dorothea Dix Scholar's Program (undergraduate adult continuing education department). For any questions regarding this process, the Dix Office can be reached at 617-521-2500 and

Enrollment Deposit

Accepted students who wish to enroll must submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit by the date indicated in the letter offering admission. This deposit is applied to the first term bill. No extensions to the deposit due date can be granted.

Reapplication Procedure

An applicant who wishes re-apply must contact the Office of Admission at either 617-521-2605 or to determine what is required.