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The mission of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences is to provide educational opportunities to graduate students who are passionate about finding ways to help others lead healthy lives. With the emphasis on scholarship and interdisciplinary colloboration,this is what we help them do. Our online programs help us extend these opportunities to individuals across the country.

Each of our online faculty members is an expert in the content he/she presents and is passionate about teaching. In addition,each instructor is trained in the use of technology and more importantly,in how to be an effective instructor in the online learning environment.

Online students will find technology support seven days a week throughout the year. Online students can register for courses,order books and other supplies through the College Bookstore and access academic support services such as academic advising-all without coming to campus.

All courses have been developed to require a high degree of academic rigor and to challenge students with authentic,clinically relevant projects and assignments. As such, our students are able to apply this information directly to their workplace environment.