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Master of Science: R.N. to M.S.

Sample Curriculum

For R.N.s without their Undergraduate Degree

Students are admitted directly into the graduate nursing program and work closely with the R.N. to M.S. in Nursing Program Coordinator. Students do not receive an undergraduate degree as they are considered graduate students and therefore, are not required to meet all the undergraduate requirements for a bachelor of science degree. Applicants must be licensed to practice nursing.

For prospective students who would like to earn a Master of Science in Nursing online, the School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers the innovative Nursing@Simmons R.N. to M.S.N. program for aspiring Family Nurse Practitioners.

Phase I - Senior Sequence

The nursing sequence begins in May. It is expected that students maintain a minimum cumulative average of 2.67 (B-) in the undergraduate courses and 3.0 (B) average in the graduate level sequence.

Phase II - Graduate Sequence

Upon successful completion of the first year of the R.N.-M.S. program, students take the core primary-care courses. The specific curriculum will depend upon an individual's former academic background and progression in Phase I. Please refer to the current Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Sciences Graduate Nursing catalog for further course descriptions.

Portfolio documentation of senior-year equivalent clinical experience in Community Health (NUR 337) and Leadership and Management (NUR 454) affords the applicant the opportunity for an individualized and alternative senior-year clinical practicum. These two courses are required of all students. Students are guided in the portfolio development and review process by their faculty advisor. Prior to starting the graduate research sequence (SNHS 410) students are required to take a basic statistics course.

Sample Sequence of Courses for First Year

Total: 38 (including 4 elective) credits


MATH 118 Statistics (unless this course has been completed within 5 years before the application deadline) 4
  Elective 4


NUR 337 Nursing Care of Individuals, Families, and Communities 4
NUR 404 Normal and Abnormal Human Physiology 4
NUR 435 Integration of Pharmacology and Pathology 4
SNHS 410 Research Methods 3


NUR 292 Health Assessment 4
NUR 350 Independent Study 4
NUR 454 Leadership and Management in the Clinical Setting 4
SNHS 450 The Health Care System 3