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Admitted Student Profile

Admitted Student Profile

Applicants to all SNHS programs represent a varied range of academic and experiential backgrounds.
All candidates have a desire to be involved in the healthcare profession by helping others recover from illness or injury and to assist them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The data below summarizes the academic background of the accepted applicant pool. The data represents mathematical averages. Since a DPT class was not admitted in 2013, no data exists.

Many factors are considered in the admission process: paid/volunteer experiences, recommendations, career goals, and academic performance. This data does not suggest that applicants must possess the profile below.
It merely indicates the average academic performance of accepted candidates for the period January to September 2013.

Nursing-Doctor of Nursing Practice

Average Nursing GPA 3.32
Average Overall GPA 3.68 (Grad GPA)
Most Common UG Major Nursing
Most Common Grad  Major Nursing
Average Age 53 (age range: 33-63)
Geographic Areas Represented 2 states

Nursing - Direct Entry

Average Science GPA 3.42
Average Overall GPA 3.42
Most Common UG Major Biology
Most Unusual UG Major

Chemical Engineering
Studio Art

Average Age 26 (age :range 21-45)
Geographic Areas Represented 11 states

Nursing :RN(includes B.S.N.) - MS

Average Nursing GPA 3.26
Average Overall GPA 3.16
Most Common UG Major Nursing
Most Unusual UG Major


Average Age 29 (age range 23-52)
Geographic Areas Represented 3 states;1 foreign country

Nutrition: M.S. or M.S.& Combos(includes D.P.D.) 

Average Prereq. GPA 3.02
Average Overall GPA 3.28
Most Common UG Major Nutrition
Most Unusual UG Major Anthropology
Average Age 26 (age range 22-47)
Geographic Areas Represented 20 states; 2 foreign countries

Nutrition-Dietetic Internship Only

Average DPD GPA 3.68
Average Overall GPA 3.53
Most Common UG Major Dietetics
Most Unusual UG Major English
Average Age 28(age range:22-52)
Geographic Areas Represented 5 states

Health Professions Education

Average Prereq. GPA NA
Average Overall GPA 3.47(Grad GPA)
Most Common UG Major


Most Unusual UG Major NA
Average Age 48 (age range :30-63)
Geographic Areas Represented 2 states