Gerald Benoit

Associate Professor, Information Science & Technology Program Director

Gerald Benoit
Phone: 617-521-2879
Office: P-313F

Prior to coming to Simmons, Benoit was an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky's College of Communications and Information Studies. He teaches in the areas of XML, systems analysis, information retrieval, visual communication, and human-computer interaction, and his research interests include the ethics of information and improving effectiveness of digital assets management, use, and integration. He is a recipient of the U.S. Department of Education Scholarship (1996-1997) and the Latin American Center Mobility Fellowship (1997-1998), and he was awarded a National Leadership Grant.

Courses Taught

  • LIS 458: Database Management
  • LIS 466: Information Retrieval
  • LIS 469: XML
  • LIS 470: Visual Communication
  • LIS 486: Systems Analysis in Information Services
  • LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals
  • LIS 531Z: Data Operability and Web-Based Resources
  • LIS 593: Information Visualization
  • LIS 620: History, Concepts, and Research Opportunities
  • LIS 642: Applied Statistics for Library and Information Science

Curriculum Vitae

Gerald Benoit