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Student Groups

Simmons SLIS supports many active student groups, several of which are chapters of national professional organizations. For details, see the Student Groups page.

Simmons: Fenway Card

You can open a Fenway Cash account that is tied to your Fenway Card (your Simmons College student ID). If you do so, you can use your Fenway Card to purchase food and other items at the Fens Cafe, Common Grounds Café Cafe, Meyers Cafe and the bookstore. You can also use these funds on any copy machine on campus. For more information, see the Fenway Card page.

Mount Holyoke: All-Campus ID Card

The Mount Holyoke All-Campus ID Card has a debit account affiliated with it for student use. Twenty-five dollars is placed on your card by LISSA at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters for snacks or other uses; you can place additional funds on the card if you like, but all money on the card must be spent by the end of the semester or you will lose the funds. For more information on activating and using your All-Campus ID Card, see the Card Services page. The card is accepted at the Mount Holyoke bookstore, the Odyssey Bookstore, The Blanchard Cafe, the Uncommon Ground Coffee Bar and Rao's in the library's lobby.

Room Numbers

Simmons: SLIS courses are held throughout campus (please see the campus map). Prior to the start of each semester, room numbers are added to AARC, are posted on bulletin boards in the Palace Road building (the one outside of P-111 and the one at the end of the hall near the SLIS Lounge) and are posted on the MySLIS website. The abbreviations used are:

  • C: Main College Building—Center section
  • E: Main College Building—East wing
  • L: Lefavour Hall (the Beatley Library building)
  • M: School of Management Building
  • P: Palace Road Building
  • S: Science Building
  • W: Main College Building—West wing

Mount Holyoke: SLIS courses are held in several buildings. Prior to the start of each semester, room numbers are added to AARC and the online course schedules; they may also be sent out via e-mail. The buildings are designated by their full names ("Library," "Kendade," etc.). See the Mount Holyoke campus map for more information.

Directions to the Campuses

All SLIS students are welcome to enroll in courses at either the Boston Campus or at SLIS West. You must arrange your own transportation and lodging, if necessary. For more information on traveling to a campus you do not normally attend, please see the Directions page.

Boston Campus: Important Info

Shuttle: Use MASCO shuttle to Ruggles Station, 6:00 p.m.-8:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Train and Bus Options: If you'd prefer not to drive into Boston, this page on commuter alternatives should help.

Escorts: Use the Safety Escort Program from the Main campus to the Residence campus, 4:00 p.m.-midnight. Call 617-521-1112, or pick up a campus phone and dial 1112.

Inclement Weather: Snow policy/cancellations will be announced on WBZ, WHDH, WRKO, WBCN-AM Radio; WBUR-FM Radio; WBZ-TV channel. You can also call the Simmons College Information Hotline at 617-521-3463. For more information, visit the Emergency Preparedness Planning page.

Lost and Found: Protect your belongings. If you lose something, check with the SLIS Tech Lab and the Public Safety Office.

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