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Before packing, be sure to check with your airline about luggage size and weight restrictions. Don't worry if you're having trouble fitting everything into your bags; you should be able to purchase everything you need in Boston, although prices may differ from your home country.

Boston has four distinct seasons, each with very different weather. When packing, include clothes for all seasons, including light summer clothes and a heavy coat, hat, and gloves. Don't forget to leave room in your suitcases for clothes and souvenirs that you'll buy in the States.

Be sure to pack things that remind you of home, including photographs, music, and posters. You may also want to bring a few inexpensive gifts typical of your country that you can give to friends on birthdays and other special occasions.

Average seasonal temperatures

Autumn: September 21 - December 20
46-60°F / 8-15°C

Winter: December 21 - March 20
0-37°F / -17-3°C

Spring: March 21 - June 20
38-60°F / 3-15°C

Summer: June 21 - September 30
60-95°F / 15-35°C

Public Transportation

Boston has a comprehensive public transit system of buses and trains, so it's quite easy to live here without having a car. Simmons College is conveniently located on major subway and bus routes. Get directions to Simmons

For information on schedules, fares, and transit maps, visit the website of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Monthly passes can be purchased through Simmons at a significantly discounted rate. Check the Student Leadership & Activities website for more information.


Boston and the surrounding areas are home to many cultural and historic sites, and the city is well situated between the beautiful wilderness of northern New England and the exciting city life of New York City. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of your time in the U.S. by exploring all that the region has to offer. Be sure to pick up a detailed city map and a travel guide to help plan your explorations.

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