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Academic Advisor

You will be assigned to a specific SLIS professor who will act as your academic advisor. This person is available to help you design your course of study, answer questions about the academic program, and provide advice and guidance. You will be informed of your advisor's name and email address when you receive your registration materials. Feel free to contact him or her in advance of your arrival if you need any advice in selecting your classes.

Your academic advisor is also there to help if you are struggling academically. Don't be shy about telling your advisor if you are having difficulties in your classes. In fact, the sooner you let your advisor know about any problems you're having, the more assistance he or she will be able to provide.

Academic Integrity

Academic institutions in the United States place a high value on academic integrity, the idea that if you present something as your own work, it truly represents your efforts and conclusions. There are two major beliefs that contribute to the importance of academic integrity in American society. The first is intellectual property, in which the creator of an idea, document, or process, has ownership of that idea. The second is critical thinking, or the belief that the process you go through to arrive at a particular answer or conclusion can sometimes be more educational than getting the "right" answer. Taking a pre-formulated answer from another source, valid as it may be, is perceived as theft and also as circumventing the learning process.

Because of this, American universities have very high standards for academic integrity, and do not tolerate cheating or plagiarism of any kind. All students should familiarize themselves with the Simmons College Honor Code, which explains what behavior is considered academically dishonest and how such behavior will be dealt with. If you have any questions about the Honor Code or what activities are considered inappropriate, be sure to contact your academic advisor or Assistant Dean Em Claire Knowles. If you have questions about appropriate use of material from outside sources in your writing, or about American standards of citation, contact the Writing Center.

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