Take advantage of the many workshops offered at SLIS!

SLIS Continuing Education

The Simmons SLIS Continuing Education program offers more than 70 workshops a year in several different formats: half-day or full-day workshops onsite at the Simmons SLIS campuses, and fully asynchronous online workshops that run for a month. Continuing Education workshops are open to all, including practicing librarians/information professionals and current SLIS students who wish to earn professional credits while they update their skills and knowledge. Current Simmons SLIS students and Simmons SLIS alumni qualify for special discounted rates.
Continuing Education Workshops

Library Workshops

The Beatley Library offers workshops relevant to SLIS students.
Library Workshops

Tech Lab Webinars

The Tech Lab regularly streams webinars related to library and information science or technology in the Tech Lab classroom or another campus location. Webinars are free and open to any SLIS student.

Tech Lab Workshops

The SLIS Technology Group offers additional workshops on a range of topics and software. Past workshops have included Debugging, Setting up a LAMP Server, Unix Command Line, Tagging, Zotero, Drupal, Second Life, Preparing Effective Presentations, and Podcasting.
Tech Lab Workshops

Technology Orientation Requirement (TOR) Workshops

Technology Orientation Requirement (TOR) workshops, offered during Advising Day and the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) are designed to help students complete Part 2: Library Technology and Part 3: HTML of the TOR. The Tech Lab also offers workshops on wiki editing that may help students prepare for Part 3: Wikis of the TOR.
TOR Workshops