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Podcasting is a natural fit for the SLIS community. Many students are part-time. There is a large student population in Western Massachusetts. Moreover the SLIS community of alumnae/i spans the globe. Podcasting allows more people to benefit from campus events than ever before.

Not everything can be podcast however. The program has limited resources and only one part-time staff member to coordinate recording events. There are also many reasons a presenter may decline to be recorded. For example, some faculty members often present research in progress, and some presentations share information about proprietary products.

For these reasons SLIScast endeavors to capture events with the widest appeal and the highest profile speakers. Events sponsored by SLIS and SLIS student groups receive highest priority. On rare occasions an off-campus event may be recorded if a member of the SLIS community is presenting.

If you are sponsoring an event or making a presentation and would like to have it recorded for podcasting, email Please include full event details (date, time, speaker, location).

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