SLIS tech labThe Technology Lab is the center of SLIS technology services for students, faculty and staff. The Lab has over 50 computers, both Mac and PC, with scanners, printers, and other peripherals. Students have access to all of the technology, software applications, server-based services, and equipment required for their course work. The Tech Lab staff is committed to supporting the student body with the highest level of technology service to further learning and meeting the demands of the curriculum. The Lab is fully staffed for 88 hours of operation each week by Technology Reference Assistants (TRAs) and Tech Lab staff. The TRAs and staff are available for consultation, network assistance, and course support, helping with all manner of requests ranging from printing problems to questions about the Technology Orientation Requirement to support for lengthy, course-related projects.

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There are 46 dual boot iMacs (with Microsoft Vista and Apple Leopard operating systems) and 6 PCs in the adjacent Cataloging Lab (with Microsoft Vista), 51 machines in total. All machines have a selection of open source applications such as OpenOffice and GIMP, as well as Microsoft Office 2007/08, multiple web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Flock), Sophos AntiVirus, CD/DVD burners, and SLIS specific software including current web authoring and photo editing software packages. There are 4 flat bed scanners, 3 large format scanners, and 1 slide scanner. Additionally, the Tech Lab maintains a library of documentation for the software applications running on the lab's computers and the online services that are available to students. For a complete listing of software and hardware in the Tech Lab, please visit the Software Resources page.

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Location: P-213
Phone: 617.521.2802