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CE Moodle

CE Moodle: Help for Students
CE Moodle: Help for Teachers

Communication and Web 2.0

iChat Handout
Podcasting (slides)*
RSS Overview*
RSS with Bloglines (slides)*
RSS Bloglines Account Creation*
Skype Basics
Skype Account Creation

Databases and Library Services

Dialog Classic Quick Guide
OCLC Quick Guide


Computer Purchasing Guide (by Simmons's Technology)
iPad FAQ

Images and Scanning

Cropping and Resizing Images*
Import Photos to Your Mac (Image Capture)
Managing Digital Photos*
Managing Digital Photos (slides)*
PDF Creation
PDF Editing in Preview

Information Organization and Retrieval

Search Engines (slides)*
Search Engine Tips*
Tags and Folksonomies (slides)*
XML (slides)*

Office Applications

Excel Quick References*
PowerPoint Tips and Tricks (slides)*
Word 2007 (PDF)
Word 2007 (Video Tutorial)
Word Tips and Tricks*


Connect SLIS Office Computer to Printer
Using Campus Print: Web Print Feature


Anti-Virus Tools

Simmons Services and Tools

Gmail Migration Help
Gmail Address Book, Folder, and Forwarding Info
Gmail Client Set-Up
Gmail Mobile Set-Up
Network Folders
Simmons Connection
TOR Website


Collaborate/Elluminate: The Basics

Web Development

Basic Webpages (from the TOR)
Dreamweaver Workshop Handout*
FTP and Your Simmons Webspace
HTML Editing on the Mac (TextWrangler HTML Editor)
Personal Web Space vs. Personal Network Folder
XHTML Overview*
XHTML and CSS: Intermediate Topics*


Wiki Basics: What Is a Wiki? (slides)*
Advanced Wiki Gardening (slides)*
Wiki Editing (Flash video)
Wiki Markup Cheat Sheet

*Starred items are from our Workshop series.